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Beejak free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

by Incred Applications Private Ltd

Found in: Finance, Business

What is Beejak:
Beejak is for professionals (freelancers/others), GST businesses (small/large) and anyone who wants to raise an invoice, record an expense and manage their accounts. All data entered on Beejak is exportable to Tally and users can fully manage GST and Simple accounting. Beejak is hands down the fastest, easiest and most precise application you will install for your accounting needs. Try it to believe it!

Beejak is a feature rich, simple to use robust product that allows for anyone on a mobile or desktop to access their accounts in their office or on the go, while maintaining a live up-to-date balance sheet. This product can also serve to be the central point of tracking for a small businesses’ receivables and expenses. As it is compliant with all TDS and GST requirements in India today, it can be used for TDS and GST calculations and filings, with provisions to export to Tally and extend to international taxation requirements.

All your Invoice needs in on place!

Create GST or Simple (not Tax) Invoices and Pro-Forma Invoices in one place. You can also save your Drafts.

Simply click to fill! 

Create an invoice in 30 seconds or less! Our software autosaves and displays all your details, your clients data and your invoice items (with rates and HSN/SAC).

Instant Invoice Sharing!

Share/Send your invoices instantly by E-mail or WhatsApp at the click of a button. From your phone or laptop.

100% GST Compliant!

Captures all your invoice and expense data for seamless GST-R filings. You don't need a GST specialist, save time and 1000s of rupees per annum.

Get Paid on Time!

Get notifications on outstanding payments and send 1 click reminders! Also send legal notices to difficult customers.

The TDS wizard!

Stop losing 10% of your professional fees every time a client "forgets" to pay TDS or enters incorrect data. Beejak keeps track of every invoice and all the TDS deductions, saving thousands of rupees.

Keep track of your cash flows!

Know your bottom-line, stay on top of your finances. All good professionals and businessmen know the day to day reality is about cash flows. Stay positive, stay ahead with our Accounts Overview.

2 Clicks, no more blues!

Two clicks, and all your financial data is with your CA. All your invoices, all your expenses, in 1 PDF or Tally file. Stop taking 2-3 weeks of stress every financial year collecting data for your CA.

Lose stress, not time!

Tired of misplacing bills and receipts. Just take a picture and we'll save it for you.

The A-B-C of GST!

Step by step GST data entry made super simple for your purchases. We know it's a pain - but made easy, fast and precise by Beejak. Go ahead, Record your Expense!

Stop paying fines and interest!

Late payments of TDS deductions cost your business thousands every year in late fees, fines and interest, everyone makes mistakes. Beejak won't let you, full stop!

Forget your Computer!

All your invoices are raised on your phone in seconds. Email your client his invoice before he reaches the elevator or his car!
Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Released: Dec 28, 2018
Language: English
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