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Flash Reader free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Flash Reader
by Didstopia

Found in: Productivity, Education
iPhone/iPad compatible

What is Flash Reader:
*** OVER 50.000 DOWNLOADS! ***

Ever had to read through a long email, text message or an article on the web, but felt it was boring or maybe you're just not a big fan of reading?

Fear no more! Flash Reader uses a proven method of reading the text word by word, basically blinking through the words on the same exact spot. This makes your brain remember and understand what you're reading, even though the text is going past your eyes at an incredible speed.

To use Flash Reader, simply copy any kind of text to the clipboard, open the application, paste it in, click play and try not to blink too much!

Features include:
- Dropbox syncing
- Simple and fast pasting
- Two different reading modes/styles
- Speed control (with regulation for commas and periods)
- Multiple fonts and font sizes
- Clip Library (save and delete clips of text)
- Timeline slider (allows for quick navigation within the text)
- Supports all iOS devices running 4.3+, even the new iPad!
- Landscape orientation support
- Different themes (dark/light)
- Tons of customization


What people are saying about Flash Reader:

"I was very skeptical at first, then I tried it. Now I'm impressed!!! Using this tool to read a page, blog or instructions made made it seem like it took no time at all. I actually think using this app on a regular basis my even improve my reading skills. I'm so impressed, I'm recommending it on twitter!!!", 5/5 stars -Ninny2U

"I like it so much I use it every day.", 5/5 stars -Joseph

"Great for readers who find words move on the page!
I can read so quickly with it.
For studying materials - like journal articles - I start slower, read once, then up the speed again and again. Much greater retention than trying to read just in text!", 5/5 stars -Jacqjacq14

"It's now so easy to read faster with this app !", 4/5 stars -Manuel Klaassen

"This app is a wonderful way to breeze through a long read!", 4/5 stars -Matthew Bartlett

Thank you for the reviews, keep them coming! Based on the feedback we receive, we'll add and modify the features as much as we can.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
+ This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
Released: Dec 1, 2012
Language: English
Flash Reader iPhone Screenshots
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPhone
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPhone
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPhone
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPhone

Flash Reader iPad Screenshots
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPad
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPad
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPad
  • Image of Flash Reader for iPad

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