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Knockl free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

by NJ Analytics & Applications GmbH

Found in: Business, Social Networking

What is Knockl:
Knockl is an easy-to-use and intuitive networking application for professionals. Using the event functionality, you can easily join an event in a matter of seconds, see all event participants signed up on Knockl, contact them already before the event and enjoy an efficient networking experience during the event.

Several hundred or thousands of event participants? No problem, our algorithm sorts them so you find your most relevant contacts at the top of of the participant list.

In addition, every day, you will find new interesting profiles recommended for you. The algorithm behind it ensures that you find the most relevant professional around you and beyond.

Take your professional networking to the next level by swiping suggested profiles left or right. As simple as that.

How does it work? Straightforward!

Sign up using LinkedIn or with email/password


Add an event hashtag provided by your event organiser. You will then see the list of all other participants that signed up with that hashtag.

Look through the profiles and swipe those right you find interesting. If they swipe you right as well, you can chat with them and ask them to meet you at the event.


Every day you get a few suggestions of professionals. The suggestions are mainly based on your professional interests, occupation, what you are looking for in others and your geo-location.

If you are interested in someone’s profile, swipe right. To skip, swipe left. Swiping right makes a contact request. Swiping left does nothing (the user is not notified).

If someone swipes you right, you will see the profile under contact requests. They will not be able to chat with you until you swipe them right, too. If you swipe left, the contact request is ignored. No notification will be sent to that user.


Get a hashtag from us for your event and pass it on to the participants during registration. Make it a wonderful and efficient networking experience for your participants. It is free of charge for you and the participants!

Knockl Opens Doors. Enjoy efficient networking!
Requirements: Requires iOS 9.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Released: Jan 27, 2019
Language: English
Knockl iPhone Screenshots
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Knockl iPad Screenshots
  • Image of Knockl for iPad
  • Image of Knockl for iPad
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