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MPDT Estimate App
by MPDT Pty Ltd

Found in: Business

What is MPDT Estimate App:
Simple and Smartest Estimation App for Arborists!
The MPDT Estimator App has been developed especially to help for better estimation of tree servicing jobs. This estimation app is easy to use and estimator can capture photos of tree concerns while filling the details.
Estimator can check the quote request sent by clients and make quote and send them instantly. Estimator can make Fixed and Breakdown quotes as per client request.
Google Map integration helps to identify the job location and client details.
App provides search options for checking existing clients so that estimator need not reenter the details again.
This app enables quick communication between estimators & clients. This can improve the relationship between you and clients. As estimator can estimate or make tree quote anywhere at any time and also respond to client request without any delay.
The main features a user can enjoy using this Estimator App are:
Take instant photos of tree concerns and upload through app
All job request details are safely recorded and saved in server for future job allocation
Instant and automated quote emails to clients
Real-time and quick quoting
Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Released: Jul 7, 2018
Language: English
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