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Mr. Kook
by Zetagile Info Solutions Private Limited

Found in: Food & Drink

What is Mr. Kook:
Welcome to home style cooking. A simple home style kitchen not a restaurant.

H S C is all about home style food cooking with all natural ingredients and homemade spices, Served Fresh and Hot. We are specialized in cleverly blending Spices and Herbs particularly in home style, traditionally cooked Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Prawns, Eggs and so on… Familiarly known as Roast, Fry, Curry, and Pulusu.

Forgotten ancient recipes that might have been faded from memory are given a new lease of life by the Master Chefs of Mr. KOOK under the able guidance. Great attention is paid to the subtle flavorings that make a dish simply extraordinary and each dish is indicative of the commitment that Mr. KOOK makes to its diners by offering them a truly sumptuous culinary adventure.

The aim of opening Mr. KOOK takeaway’s is to provide our clients with the ultimate experience of home-style cooked cuisine, whilst being served in a modern concurrent fine setting.

We are sure that your taste buds will relish with the Exciting Menu offered by Mr. KOOK.

From the subtle spicing to fierier, the Home Style feel comes by using coconut, tamarind, and chilies. The dishes by Mr. KOOK offers a menu to cater all palates with unique tastes by individual spicing.

For seafood aficionados, we have dishes from coastal backwaters and our vegetarian selection is sourced from all over the state.

After through research, We have developed the Real Menu for Hyderabadis who don’t have many places of choice for Traditional Home Style Food that can be served. That made us get kicked in here to serve in Real Authentic and traditional way i.e., by Steaming, Frying, Boiling, Roasting, Deep Frying, Marinating, Blending the spices and herbs etc., By Cooking in the Exclusive Vessels in a systematic procedure, Food will attain the Aroma, Taste, Colour, and Texture. This authenticity is possible only with the well-appointed chefs recruited from the places of origins of those particular recipes.

About Traditional food

Indian food is defined by the amalgamation of regional foods of the country. One such region that offers sumptuous food that is worth trying. Traditional food is famous not only throughout the country but also across the world. The cuisine is deeply inspired by the rich cultural heritage, the regional flavors, and recipes. The largest producer of rice is India and most vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in this place can be eaten with rice. Also, the Indian food is characteristically spicy and tangy with a liberal use of red chilies, green chilies, tamarind, coconut and other Indian spices.

Our Traditional Food includes hot and spicy dishes like Tamarind Rice (Pulihora), Poppadoms, Pappu, Gongura Chutney, Pesarattu, Pulusu, Avakai Pickles made of Raw Mango, Seasoned Eggplant (GuttiVankaya Kura) etc. Other Andhra specialties are Rasam, different types of Curd preparations, Sambar, Payasam etc. Andhra Pradesh is also famous for its Snacks like Chekkalu, Guggillu, Bondaalu, Mirapakyabajji, Boondi and much more. Non-vegetarian delicacies include Chicken Fry (KodiIguru), Gongura Mutton, Chicken Gravy (KodiPulusu) etc.

Even different regions have different flavors and styles of cooking. Wherever you go you are sure to get mouthwatering food that is different from the food in other parts of the state. This region has the food that is having roots in Persian and Afghan cooking recipes or styles as this region was under the reign of Muslim rulers.

Vegetarians must try Karapu Annam (Chilli rice), Rasam, Ulliaakukura (Spring Onion Curry) and Kakarakaya Pulusu (gravy made of Bitter Gourd) of this region while non-vegetarians must taste Chapala Pulusu (Fish Gravy) and Kodi Kura.

The cuisine is mainly vegetarian but the coastal region is known for its Tasty and Fresh Seafood made of Prawns and Fish.

Food is inspired by various cultures which are cooked with Love and served with Warmth.
Requirements: Requires iOS 10.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Released: Dec 9, 2018
Language: English
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