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Nature Sounds free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Nature Sounds
by Mark Greenfield

Found in: Entertainment, Lifestyle

What is Nature Sounds:
Nature Sounds - Relax and fall asleep faster with this professional nature sounds audio player.

- Over 40 nature sound programs recorded by Hollywood’s top sound professionals.
- Proprietary Cycle Timer smoothly mixes between nature sound programs at user selected time intervals, creating a lush and unique experience.
- iOS 4 background audio playback puts your device in standby mode to save battery life while still listening to an audio program.
- Simple media controls allow instant selection of a nature sound program.
- Sonic audio quality
- Left and right navigation controls skip forward and backward to your program quickly.
- Rotating background images of scenic nature landscapes.
- Extended menu controls to select your favorite nature sound programs.
- Sleep timer.

Nature Sounds Include:
- Thunderstorm
- Rain
- Ocean
- Cricket Bed
- Rainforest
- Stream
- Waterfall
- Birds
- Cicadas
- Crackling Fire
- Frog Chorus
- Jungle
- Lake
- Snow
- Whale Songs
- Wind
- White Noise
- And Much More…
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Released: Oct 2, 2010
Language: English
Nature Sounds iPhone Screenshots
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Download Nature Sounds free for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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