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What is VoiceTra(Speech to Speech Translator by NICT):
This is a speech translation application.
The two ways of speaking include placing the device near your ear as if you are talking on the phone or pressing the mic icon in the lower section of the screen and speaking.

1) Placing the device near your ear and speaking:
This is only possible when using an iPhone. When using an iPad2 or iPod touch, please use method 2 below.
Please begin speaking when the iPhone finishes vibrating. When you are finished speaking, please take the device away from your ear.
When the phone is taken away from your ear, the results are displayed in order from the top.

2) Pressing the mic icon and speaking:
Press the mic icon located in the lower section and please begin speaking. When you are finished speaking, please press the OK button. The results are displayed in order.

Please touch the pencil button on the left to enter text for direct translation. A text entry screen will appear. Please switch the keyboard to match the specified input language and enter the text with the keyboard you would like to translate.

Speech Recognition Results:
What you said. By touching the recognition results (single-tap), editing can be performed.

Reverse Translation Results:
If the sentence here has the same meaning, the translation is accurate.

Translation Results:
The translated results of what you said.

If you wish to change languages, please touch the text for a language. Doing so will display the language selection screen.When bi-directional translation is possible (two arrows are displayed), the input language and translation language can be swapped by swiping them.

Playback is performed for languages which have speech output. Languages which have speech output are indicated with the iPhone icon that has a speech bubble. The replay of translation results can be performed by pressing the playback button located to the left of the results.

The languages which support speech input and speech output are as follows:

The Languages which support translation are as follows:
Taiwanese Mandarin
Brazilian Portuguese

Languages which support text entry are those written above for which there is keyboard support on the iPhone.

Please turn your iPhone vibration function on when using this application. On the iPhone in which use is intended, open "Settings," then go to "Sound." On that screen, please confirm whether or not the "Vibration" settings under both "Silent" and "Ring" are set to ON.

To enter text for translation, the keyboard for that particular language needs to be set beforehand. From the device home screen, navigate to "Settings", then "General", then "Keyboard", and finally "International Keyboards." New Keyboards can be added by pressing "Add New Keyboard..."

Please be advised that some functions, or the application itself, may become unavailable if the server is down.

The customer is responsible for any communication fees resulting from the use of this application. Please be aware that international roaming fees may be expensive.

Saved data may be used for the improvement of translation technology.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Released: Jan 7, 2012
Language: English
VoiceTra(Speech to Speech Translator by NICT) iPhone Screenshots
  • Image of VoiceTra(Speech to Speech Translator by NICT) for iPhone
  • Image of VoiceTra(Speech to Speech Translator by NICT) for iPhone
  • Image of VoiceTra(Speech to Speech Translator by NICT) for iPhone

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