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by Links Management and Technology s.p.a.

Found in: Navigation, Business


Ricerca i punti di interesse più vicini, sfruttando la posizione GPS attuale e calcola il percorso per raggiungerli. Include inoltre la possibilità di ricerca su tutto il territorio nazionale e un... more

Eugene Online
by Craig Gray

Found in: News, Travel


Sharing news, pictures, events and locations of Eugene, Oregon. Current Eugene job listings. Pictures of Autzen Stadium, Alton Baker Park, Skinners Butte, the Cuthbert, Lane County Fair and... more

Jesus House Radio
by Oladipo Agidee

Found in: Music, Entertainment


Jesus House Radio is a live broadcasting service brought to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We aim to bring to your desktop and homes, Christian music as well as information from Jesus House. We ... more

Poèmes Deluxe
by ECHO 6

Found in: Entertainment, Lifestyle


Tu veux séduire l'élu(e) de ton cœur? Le ou la surprendre ou simplement te faire pardonner avec des mots tendres? L'application Poèmes Deluxe te propose des centaines de poèmes et textes... more

Saddo Boxing
by craig ross

Found in: Sports, News


Congratulations you have just found the only boxing related app you will ever need for your daily boxing fix. The saddoboxing app will update with all the latest boxing news and every boxers twitter... more

by Advanced Business Consulting, Inc.

Found in: Business, Book


缘色年代的项目管理 ... more

The Rock Streaming Media Player
by Crystal Media Networks

Found in: Music, Entertainment


KSDN-FM - 94.1 The Rock... more

by Joshua Davis

Found in: Lifestyle, Education


The official METRO Church app for iPhone, iPod touch. No matter where you are on the planet you can receive short, punchy video messages from Ps Garry Mac. Garry McDonald (Mac for short) and his wife ... more

리더십 웹진
by webplan

Found in: Education, Lifestyle


한국리더십센터에서 제공중인 리더십 웹진의 아이폰 버젼입니다. 내용은 아래와 같습니다. 1. Sharpen the Saw - 한국리더십센터에서 회원들에게... more

by Dongwon Kim

Found in: Healthcare & Fitness, Lifestyle


* MoveMove는 사용자가 아이폰을 들고 걷거나 뛸 경우, 아이폰의 가속도 센서를 이용하여 사용자의 걸음 수를 측정, 이동거리와 소모한 칼로리를... more

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