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Lines and Hexa

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Family


Lines & Hexa is a great game for two players usually (although up to four can play), and is a very good game for children because the rules are quite easy. It has gone by many other names, including... more

Heroes Of Elements

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Strategy, Card


Heroes of Elements is a Match-3 strategy card battle game set in a near future world. You will lead a group of heroes to fight against waves of monsters released to the world by the evil Fengshui... more

Parcel Rangers
by Alimote ApS

Found in: Games, Arcade


Team up with grumpy grandpa and the running Parcel Rangers crew in this daring delivery adventure. Sprint, rush, dodge, jump and parkour your way through endless challenges. This include running on... more

Roller Crash - Endless Runner
by Pelite Productions OY

Found in: Games, Action, Arcade


Put your rollerskates on and get ready for action like you have never seen before! Roller Crash is an action runner game that is all about using abilities and building epic combos! Roller Crash... more

Circles Incoming
by Russell King

Found in: Games


A spectacular blast-em-up that takes skill and strategy. Shoot different circle enemies with awesome blasters, and earn the best score in the world! Features: - Lots of enemy types approach you in... more

Project Hyrax: Beyond Time
by Sharvind Rao

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Adventure, Role Playing


A time capsule was accidentally activated. Dr. Alex and his team members were tossed into the past, and no one has heard from them ever since. What could have happened to them in an era of at least... more

Brew Town
by AppBox Media Plc

Found in: Games, Simulation


Welcome to Brew Town! The world’s foremost Craft Beer Simulator! Start your very own craft beer brewery. Expand your range of tasty brews, design your bottles and cans, upgrade your buildings, and ... more

Little Grimm
by william-sever inc

Found in: Games, Arcade, Action, Entertainment


Take control of Little Grimm, a reaper-in-training, who must save his soul friends which are aimlessly wandering through an endless world. In this snake-like collect-a-thon, traverse through an... more

Ball and Blocks
by Pavel Belyaev

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Arcade


In the new game Balls and Blocks you are going to pass a lot of various levels changing the path of the ball by means of moving blocks. The goal of the level is to destroy all blocks by means of the... more

World of Gunships Online
by GameSpire Ltd.

Found in: Games, Action, Arcade


World of Gunships is the most immersive online helicopter battle action game has arrived on App Store! Take control of the powerful combat helicopters in this free-to-play PVP action game. Featuring... more

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