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Sliding Emojis
by michael MARTINEZ

Found in: Games, Action, Arcade, Entertainment


Side in this amazing retro arcade game. How to play: - Tap to start - Tap to change cloud side for sliding - Collect coins - Avoid red obstacles Get ready to be amazed, but prepare your fingers for ... more

Wheelie Is Fun !
by James Haule

Found in: Games, Arcade, Racing


Ride your bike on amazing terrain .The objective is to pop a wheelie to a finish line.The longer the wheelie the better chance to get more points. Press gas pedal to pop a wheelie and the break pedal ... more

Bistro Cook
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Simulation, Arcade, Food & Drink


Take the challenge as a master chef! Show how fast you are and be the best bistro cook around! If you want to be a masterchef then you have to prove yourself worthy by serving all your... more

Rolling Balls
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Arcade, Entertainment, Puzzle


Roll all of the balls into a hole by tilting your mobile device, starting with the white ones. Colored balls always go to appropriate colored holes if available. White ones can go to any hole, but... more

Unblock - Trump Edition
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Trump is blocking the access to United States. He is building walls and you have to move the blocks and allow the immigrant to cross the border. Less moves you consume , more stars awarded.Whether a... more

Logical Step
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Arcade, Entertainment


Help Sam the Sheriff get to destination. Avoid obstacles and snakes in the tricky desert and be smart when choosing the next step. Use your logic and calculate optimum path. Move from tile to tile... more

Ali Daddy's Farm Kids - Puzzle Game
by Selim Aksoy

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Education, Arcade


Ali Daddy's Farm Kids - Puzzle Game Plenty of exciting and amazing puzzles for kids !! Make your kids happy while having them practice their shapes, problem solving, and hand eye coordination!... more

Planet Circle
by Mehmet rasit Arisu

Found in: Games, Arcade, Action


This game wants a good reflex and balance. Rotate the circle by clicking on the left and right of the screen and get rid of the obstacle. Have a good time with fun interface and nice... more

Jump Stack
by Dignity Games Limited

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Jump on the blocks to stack them. How high can you stack the blocks? Jump Stack is a fast-paced arcade game that will put your reaction times to the test. Tap the screen to jump on top of the... more

Boomerang Balls Reloaded
by Dignity Games Limited

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Boomerang Balls Reloaded is your new Arkanoid addiction! Introducing the number #1 brick breaker game for you to enjoy with endless hours of fun. Swipe your finger to shoot the balls and break as... more

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