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Light Up - Escape

Found in: Games, Action, Arcade


Jump, jump and jump! That's the only way to light up the path and escape from the darkness behind you. How high can you reach? Features: - Easy control with addictive action of jumping; - Endless... more

Truck Soccer Simulator
by Shoumei Liao

Found in: Games, Arcade, Sports


A fun football sport game that combines truck and soccer! In this game,your task is to drive a monster truck against your opponent and try to score. It's more difficult than play football by... more

by won kim

Found in: Games, Arcade, Family


Touch the screen to rotate the arrows and match ball color to block color. Stay on road!... more

Tap Tramp
by Patryk Romanczuk

Found in: Games, Arcade, Entertainment, Action


Living on your own can be hard. Can you do it? Collect money and food to build and expand your own under-the-bridge estate. Challenge yourself in quick bottle and cans collection game and be the... more

Seasons Harvest
by Kevin Walker

Found in: Games, Arcade


Collect the seasonal object picked at random. However, look out for the other items and be careful to only fill your bucket with the active item. You will lose a life each time you collect the wrong... more

by Simon Crack

Found in: Games, Arcade, Strategy, Entertainment


Simply tap to jump from ball to ball - rings will change your color, jump ONLY to the colors that match you.... more

Ballz Vs Colors - Crazy Balls
by Mucahit Kaplan

Found in: Games, Arcade, Action


Ballz vs Colors is a playful take on classic arkanoid mechanics with an interesting twist to it. Get a hold of the paddle with easy to learn swipe controls and bounce the balls into the... more

Trap Attack!
by Andrew Tong

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Arcade


Can you face Trap Attack!? A relentless barrage of epic action, tricky traps and super hard rage inducing puzzles. Possibly the hardest game on iOS. How far will you go? FEATURES: • 75 hand... more

Supermarket Mania - Match 3
by G5 Entertainment AB

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Arcade, Entertainment


Dive into Supermarket Mania® - Match 3 – an exciting puzzle adventure! Roll up your sleeves! It’s time to switch and match treats on hundreds of unique levels to open new supermarkets and... more

Starblazer I
by Logan Apple

Found in: Games, Arcade, Action


An alien threat from beyond the reach of the Alliance of Planets has emerged to take over the galaxy! Do you have what it takes to save it? There's constant action and a classic story to follow as... more

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