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LibAS DevApp
by Yu-Chih Tung

Found in: Utilities, Education


LibAcousticSensing (LibAS) is an open-source framework to facilitate the development of acoustic sensing applications. This development app is an example of using LibAS with 0 overhead over different ... more

by Acoustiguide (Jiashan) Information Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Found in: Education, Entertainment


... more

York Mansion House
by Acoustiguide

Found in: Education, Entertainment


An Audio Guide for York Mansion House exploring the residence of the Lord Mayor of York. Marvel at the stunning gold and silver collections, explore the dramatic interiors and uncover civic... more

Lesnes Abbey Woods
by Acoustiguide

Found in: Education, Travel


Welcome to Lesnes Abbey Woods. This is a fantastic place to explore with your friends and family and it’s often been referred to as ‘a hidden jewel’ of South East London. What’s brilliant... more

Snakes and Ladders - Maths
by Kathrin Brock

Found in: Education, Family, Games


Addition! Subtraction! Multiplication! The best way for young kids to develop their early maths skills! I made this game for my own 8 year old son, to practice and improve his beginners level... more

Drum Exam Grade Debut, 1, 2, 3
by Philip Withey

Found in: Music, Education


Practice for your RSL (Rockschool) Grades Debut, 1, 2 and 3 drum kit exams. This useful app will generate ear and sight reading tests for you to listen, read and play along with in preparation for... more

by Tacitkey Pte Ltd

Found in: Social Networking, Education


Publish. Inspire. Earn. TacitKey enables you to publish your tacit knowledge, inspire your peers, and increase your earnings. Gain recognition as a thought leader! Tacit knowledge is all your... more


Found in: Education, Health & Fitness


Tacpac is hugely beneficial for people who have sensory processing difficulties. This can mean anyone of any age or stage of ability. Tacpac is effective with: - young children - adults and older... more

Enfocarme 2018
by Diego Rios

Found in: Education, Productivity


App oficial del evento ENFOCARME (Encuentro de Formación Cardio Respiratoria Metabólica). Un evento científico con oradores de primer nivel internacional. En él se abordaran una variedad de temas ... more

by Diego Medina

Found in: Education, Books


Literatubers es una aplicación que sirve de complemento en la lectura de los libros de la Editorial Camino al Sur. Podrás acceder, por medio de realidad aumentada, a material que enriquecerá la... more

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