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Block Puzzle - Expert Builder
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Strategy


Block Puzzle Expert Builder is a more challenging version of the classic block puzzle games. The shapes are not confined to 4 elements but come in different size and form. Blocks are not falling but ... more

Unblock - Trump Edition
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Trump is blocking the access to United States. He is building walls and you have to move the blocks and allow the immigrant to cross the border. Less moves you consume , more stars awarded.Whether a... more

Logical Step
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Arcade, Entertainment


Help Sam the Sheriff get to destination. Avoid obstacles and snakes in the tricky desert and be smart when choosing the next step. Use your logic and calculate optimum path. Move from tile to tile... more

Olimpiadas Kinésicas Neuquén
by Juan Manuel Roldan

Found in: Sports, Entertainment


Esta aplicación permite unificar toda la información de lo que serán las XIV Olimpiadas Kinésicas Nacionales a desarrollarse en la ciudad de Neuquén, los días 13, 14 y 15 de Octubre de 2017. Se ... more

3D Classic Infinite Labyrinth – Maze Games
by Cortinajes Bonisa SL

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Entertainment


3D Labyrinth Classic – Maze Games is a 3D maze game where your goal is to guide the ball into the black hole on a 3D classic maze board by simply tilting the wood board using your device. The ball... more

Platinum Radio 903
by FastCast4u

Found in: Music, Entertainment


Paris,Texas station giving you the best gospel music 24-7... more

النظم الابتكارية
by Rashid Zeid

Found in: Entertainment, Social Networking


This app provides tailored augmented reality animations for specific markers in galleries in The Saudi Arabia. The clipart that this app can be used with... more

بيت العجائب
by ahmed rashed

Found in: Shopping, Entertainment


متجر بيت العجائب ، لكل ماتحتاجه عروض شهرية - اسبوعية - يومية... more

Bundesliga ONEAR
by Walter Wriesnegger

Found in: Sports, Entertainment


Höre die Kommentare zum Spiel von Austria, SK Rapid, Sturm Graz, RB Salzburg LIVE aus dem Stadion mit dieser App - powered by Audio2... more

Jump Stack
by Dignity Games Limited

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Jump on the blocks to stack them. How high can you stack the blocks? Jump Stack is a fast-paced arcade game that will put your reaction times to the test. Tap the screen to jump on top of the... more

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