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Coloring Famous Paintings
by Evgeny Dementiev

Found in: Entertainment, Family, Games, Puzzle


Introduce new age of antistress coloring. Become real artist and color the world famous paintings. Let the creativity flow through you and color your stress away. Explore the world famous paintings... more

WordCrafting: A Tower of Words

Found in: Games, Word, Family


Can you build a tower of words without toppling over? Ascend to new heights as you add and connect thousands of words to form a rising skyscraper! But gravity is your enemy. Lean too far to one... more

Cooking Game℗-Operating Ice Cream Restaurant
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Family, Trivia, Food & Drink


This is a baby favorite simulation production ice cream small game, you are ice cream super fans? Is it not completely resistant to it? Come and feel the infinite delicious and cool in the... more

Beauty barbecue shop 2017
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Family, Food & Drink, Trivia


Is a distinctive game barbecue shop in the game, in the game you want to bring hungry people with delicious barbecue. Spicy pork, grilled fish, grilled chicken, roasted mushrooms, seafood ... so much ... more

Funny Monkey - Haunted House
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Adventure, Family


Funny monkey happy series thirty-sixth A very fun puzzle game In the game, the monkey does not know what problems he has encountered. Now he is unhappy. Let's help him solve the problem and make him... more

House fire safety knowledge
by HaloMobi Entertainment limited

Found in: Games, Role Playing, Education, Family


Daily life is always full of fire hazards. Want to keep your children away from fire accidents? Want your kids to learn fire self-help skills? "Fire safety" is your good helper. There are not only... more

by Fit & Happy, LLC

Found in: Health & Fitness, Card, Family, Games


Get fit and happy with Flash Fitness! Flash Fitness is an exciting new exercise game that incorporates both strength and stamina into a fun family activity. There is no equipment needed other than... more

Coloring book Mosaic
by Coloring puzzle games sp. z o.o.

Found in: Entertainment, Games, Family


Create cool pictures with this “Coloring book Mosaic” and let your stress go away! - Lots of colorful arts - Hand-picked relaxing music - Anti-stress coloring – User-friendly interface and... more

Birthday Factory: Kids games
by Bytwice srl

Found in: Games, Education, Family


Have you ever wondered where birthday parties are created? Who prepares the cake, who makes the presents and wraps them up? Who gets the party ready? Well, it's a very special place: the Birthday... more

Snakes and Ladders - Maths
by Kathrin Brock

Found in: Education, Family, Games


Addition! Subtraction! Multiplication! The best way for young kids to develop their early maths skills! I made this game for my own 8 year old son, to practice and improve his beginners level... more

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