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Planet Circle
by Mehmet rasit Arisu

Found in: Games, Arcade, Action


This game wants a good reflex and balance. Rotate the circle by clicking on the left and right of the screen and get rid of the obstacle. Have a good time with fun interface and nice... more

Jump Stack
by Dignity Games Limited

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Jump on the blocks to stack them. How high can you stack the blocks? Jump Stack is a fast-paced arcade game that will put your reaction times to the test. Tap the screen to jump on top of the... more

Boomerang Balls Reloaded
by Dignity Games Limited

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Boomerang Balls Reloaded is your new Arkanoid addiction! Introducing the number #1 brick breaker game for you to enjoy with endless hours of fun. Swipe your finger to shoot the balls and break as... more

Vortex Drop
by TAP GAMES Limited

Found in: Games, Action


Vortex Drop is uniquely designed to kill your spare time. It's very easy and addictive to play. Just drag your finger left and right to rotate the obstacles out the way and keep dropping down until... more

Coloring Famous Paintings
by Evgeny Dementiev

Found in: Entertainment, Family, Games, Puzzle


Introduce new age of antistress coloring. Become real artist and color the world famous paintings. Let the creativity flow through you and color your stress away. Explore the world famous paintings... more

Pure Minesweeper
by Evgeny Dementiev

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Strategy


Наверное, всем вам знакома игра "Сапер": тем, кто старше, с первых шагов знакомства с Windows, а тем, кто моложе, уже ... more

RingO - Escape 'em all
by Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd.

Found in: Games, Arcade, Puzzle, Entertainment


Tap to escape The Circular Rings, but don't make a mistake or you'll have to start over. Seems easy right? But after trying, you will feel how tough and challenging this game really is. The longer... more

Free-Fall By Z-Tek Games
by John Sbragia

Found in: Games, Strategy


The main objective of Free Fall is to avoid all of the free falling objects. to control your character slide your finger side to side and the character will follow your fingers touch. if you get hit... more

World Cricket Battle
by Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Private Limited

Found in: Games, Simulation, Sports


World Cricket Battle alias WCB will give you a complete experience of Playing Actual Cricket in your mobile phones and tablets! WCB has plenty of first of its kind Cricket features including My... more

by RAKUDO Inc.

Found in: Sports, Games


... more

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