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Pavinchi Cuentos

Found in: Entertainment, Games


Un elemento insuperable de la colección Literaria Pavinchi Cuentos, tecnología de punta que te permiten una interactividad directa con las emocionantes historias, juegos y actividades, de la mano... more

Stamp Machine
by HappyBat LLC

Found in: Games


Stamp machine is a game where you need to fit figures into predefined shape before stamping machine closes. It is made in minimalistic arcade-puzzle style. The game features six different skins that ... more

WordCrafting: A Tower of Words

Found in: Games, Word, Family


Can you build a tower of words without toppling over? Ascend to new heights as you add and connect thousands of words to form a rising skyscraper! But gravity is your enemy. Lean too far to one... more

Rally Racer -Ultra Racing Car Game
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Trivia, Entertainment, Arcade


Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free! Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never... more

Cooking Game℗-Operating Ice Cream Restaurant
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Family, Trivia, Food & Drink


This is a baby favorite simulation production ice cream small game, you are ice cream super fans? Is it not completely resistant to it? Come and feel the infinite delicious and cool in the... more

Beauty barbecue shop 2017
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Family, Food & Drink, Trivia


Is a distinctive game barbecue shop in the game, in the game you want to bring hungry people with delicious barbecue. Spicy pork, grilled fish, grilled chicken, roasted mushrooms, seafood ... so much ... more

Girly Games-Imitate to make a cake
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Food & Drink, Simulation


【Introduction】 game      The princess fell in love with the cake! The chef in the castle opened the cake hut for the princess! Princess came to the cake hut, the princess was very happy,... more

Puppy love®-Girls favorite game
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Trivia, Entertainment, Simulation


Cute puppy is a fun pet game, girls game. Have you ever thought of having a very cute puppy? In this game, you can according to their own preferences any dress up your exclusive puppy, the children... more

Grav Attack
by jason kim

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Arcade


Destroy alien ships by firing projectiles from your orbital defense station. Watch out! The aliens have deployed gravity wells. You'll need to be aware of gravitational effects as you solve puzzles... more

My Drama
by Genius LLC.

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Role Playing


Every choice you make matters, and it can change the course of your romance! Dozens of interesting dramas are waiting for you! Current dramas include: OTOUTO SCRAMBLE 2 (The long-awaited sequel of... more

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