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Snakes and Ladders - Maths
by Kathrin Brock

Found in: Education, Family, Games


Addition! Subtraction! Multiplication! The best way for young kids to develop their early maths skills! I made this game for my own 8 year old son, to practice and improve his beginners level... more

Tic Tac Toe Universe
by AI Factory Ltd

Found in: Games, Family, Entertainment, Puzzle


Tic Tac Toe Universe brings you the complete XOX/Tic tac Toe family of games from 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 to Gomoku/Renju/five in a row, all in one app! The gomoku is the strongest of the top gomoku... more

Paciência +
by Zadoque teng

Found in: Games, Card


The most classic card games ever! It is a perfect way to have fun by yourself, while occuping the mind and exercising logical reasoning. Also known as Solit·rio, Klondike, Patience, it doesn't... more

Planetboy – Clash with Aliens
by Marina Ali

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Adventure, Arcade


The planet is invaded by aliens, and there are only two heroes to call! Ladies and gentlemen – Meet LIAM and KIRA Join them to fight against the aliens and save your planet, watching out for the... more

Tanks at Dieppe
by araregames

Found in: Games, Arcade, Action


Shoot and destroy other players' tank to earn KILL points, level up your tank. MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE ACTION! Up to 8 players in each battle on huge servers packed with... more

Shape of You the game
by Arnav kochar

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Arcade


A brain teaser with choosing right color which goes along with its shape is most addictive game ever Play shape of You now ! The game in which you play while improving your concentration and its... more

Puzzle Punch
by Gem Pack Co.,Ltd.

Found in: Games, Action, Puzzle


Play funny 3-match puzzle. You can blow punches to rats, chickens, and horses constantly attacking you. Choose your funny photo from your album to change animal's face! Reach a higher level, punch to ... more

by M9 Packaging LTD

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Arcade, Action


allballs - The game of extreme reactions and patients. Easy to play - Just tap to jump. Hone your fighter pilot reactions. Compete with your friends to get the furthest!... more

Fiery Rocks
by Diego Avena

Found in: Entertainment, Arcade, Action, Games


​Simple, fun, and competitive to play is what best describes Fiery Rocks. In this game, you must prepare yourself to think fast and dodge asteroids to score points. You will not survive forever, so ... more

Noel Express
by Diego Cardim Santana

Found in: Games, Arcade, Family


In this game you must hit the Christmas gifts in the house´s chimney to accumulate points.... more

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