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Pirate Combat Battle
by michael MARTINEZ

Found in: Games, Strategy, Action


Fight the monsters with your team of pirates. Each pirate costs a certain amount of coins and has a special set of skills to bring to the fight. Coins can be obtained by playing levels and winning.... more

Sliding Emojis
by michael MARTINEZ

Found in: Games, Action, Arcade, Entertainment


Side in this amazing retro arcade game. How to play: - Tap to start - Tap to change cloud side for sliding - Collect coins - Avoid red obstacles Get ready to be amazed, but prepare your fingers for ... more

3D Mill
by Dominik Hauser

Found in: Games, Strategy, Board


Play 3D mill in iMessage. Play your spheres to create mills (4 spheres in a row). Find the right strategy to beat your opponent. The game ends when one of the players cannot move anymore. Have fun!... more

Void Troopers : Sci-fi Tapper
by Appxplore (iCandy) Sdn. Bhd.

Found in: Games, Adventure, Action


The Zurlocs are ravaging your galaxy! It’s time to defend your home from alien invaders in this space adventure clicker game. Will you emerge victorious from the beautiful yet deadly attacks of... more

The Birdcage
by Kaarel Kirsipuu

Found in: Games, Puzzle, Adventure


The story spins around a heartbroken King who lost his young son in a climbing accident. He locks away that which his son loved most - the ocean-colored birds that populated their kingdom. In doing... more

by Carol Gschwend

Found in: Games, Family, Action, Education


All in-app graphics are owned and copyright by Caroline Gschwend Eye Icon made by Pixel perfect from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY... more

Wheelie Is Fun !
by James Haule

Found in: Games, Arcade, Racing


Ride your bike on amazing terrain .The objective is to pop a wheelie to a finish line.The longer the wheelie the better chance to get more points. Press gas pedal to pop a wheelie and the break pedal ... more

Trivia Maker - Quiz Creator
by Redwood Pro Media, LLC

Found in: Education, Family, Games, Trivia


TriviaMaker is the fastest and easiest way to make trivia games that can easily be hosted in front of any kind of audience. Teachers, presenters, and leaders around the world love it! TriviaMaker... more

Table Tap - Tap In Challenge
by Redwood Pro Media, LLC

Found in: Games, Role Playing, Board, Entertainment


Players gather around one device and tap in when they can solve the challenge. The challenge might be identifying a swirled up celebrity face, a blurry photo, a photo that is zoomed way in, or... more

by Mossbridge Institute, LLC

Found in: Games, Lifestyle, Strategy


Psi3 test​s​ your "​psychic IQ" by offering three simple​ but valid tests for different types of psychic abilities. ​You can ​see how your scores compare to the top scorers In each... more

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