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Bistro Cook
by dragos cosmineanu

Found in: Games, Simulation, Arcade, Food & Drink


Take the challenge as a master chef! Show how fast you are and be the best bistro cook around! If you want to be a masterchef then you have to prove yourself worthy by serving all your... more

World Cricket Battle
by Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Private Limited

Found in: Games, Simulation, Sports


World Cricket Battle alias WCB will give you a complete experience of Playing Actual Cricket in your mobile phones and tablets! WCB has plenty of first of its kind Cricket features including My... more

Girly Games-Imitate to make a cake
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Food & Drink, Simulation


【Introduction】 game      The princess fell in love with the cake! The chef in the castle opened the cake hut for the princess! Princess came to the cake hut, the princess was very happy,... more

Puppy love®-Girls favorite game
by tao lin

Found in: Games, Trivia, Entertainment, Simulation


Cute puppy is a fun pet game, girls game. Have you ever thought of having a very cute puppy? In this game, you can according to their own preferences any dress up your exclusive puppy, the children... more

My Drama
by Genius LLC.

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Role Playing


Every choice you make matters, and it can change the course of your romance! Dozens of interesting dramas are waiting for you! Current dramas include: OTOUTO SCRAMBLE 2 (The long-awaited sequel of... more

Train Your Dino: Jurassic Race
by Gamemiracle Company Limited

Found in: Games, Entertainment, Simulation, Racing


How fast can your dinosaur run in Train Your Dino: Jurassic Race Alive! 10 meters per second? 20 meters per second? That's for you and your clan to find out! Mini dinosaurs have returned to race for ... more

Evolution Manager
by Fanttactic Entertainment, SL

Found in: Games, Simulation, Sports, Sports


EL FANTASY DEFINITIVO. EL MANAGER MÁS COMPLETO. ¿A qué jugadores de la Liga Española te gustaría dirigir? Así es Evolution Manager, un juego donde ejerces de entrenador, director deportivo y... more

by Sea Monster Entertainment

Found in: Games, Business, Simulation


Earning enough to pay rent and buy food is a challenge. On top of that, you also have to try maintain a social life and deal with unexpected expenses. It can seem like you’ll never get anywhere in... more

Rise of Civilization
by Colorful Entertainment Limited

Found in: Games, Simulation, Strategy


Only Strategy mobile game with real time strategy tactics, adventures and profound strategy game mechanics. Real time PVP battles visualization. COLLECT, BUILD, Defend, ATTACK and eventually become... more

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