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De Colores
by Matthew Chidley

Found in: Utilities


A beautiful screen that randomly changes color. You can also set your own color or try your luck with a random color! Additionally, you may choose the elegant simplicity of a plain white screen.... more

by Matthew Chidley

Found in: Productivity, Utilities


Do you suffer from "decision fatigue"? If so, you should download this free app. Why waste precious brain power on decisions that don't really matter and could go either way? Flip a coin instead.... more

by Emiliano Lopes

Found in: Medical, Utilities


Voltado para os cooperados da Cooperativa dos Pediatras do Ceará, possui os seguintes recursos: - Espelho Ponto Eletrônico - Extrato de Repasse - Extrato de Plantão - Extrato de Procedimentos -... more

by Beijing AppBi data technology Co., Ltd.

Found in: Utilities


AppBi — Apple Search Ads Intelligent Bidding and Data Analyzing Platform. AppBi independently researches and develops an intelligent bidding algorithm to provide developers with simple and powerful ... more

by Marcelo Lopes

Found in: Utilities, Business


Para você assessor ou assessora controlar seus eventos. Este aplicativo é um complemento do nosso sistema completo, que você pode ter acesso pelo site Veja suas... more

by Ranieri Henrique Moraes Lopes Gaspar

Found in: Business, Utilities


O Diretório Acadêmico Maria Aparecida Barone (DAMAB) apresenta o aplicativo para a edição comemorativa de 20 anos do nosso COMASP - Congresso Médico Acadêmico Samuel Pessoa! No ano passado, o... more

AutoIntegrity Red
by AutoIntegrity Pty Ltd

Found in: Utilities


AutoIntegrity Red is the 1st iPhone base assessing system in Australia. Cost effective, cross-platform, ease of deployment and maintenance makes web-based the choice of technology today.... more

George klíč
by Ceska sporitelna, a.s.

Found in: Finance, Utilities


Aplikace George klíč je bezpečnější a pohodlnější náhradou přihlašovacích a ověřovacích SMS. Pro potvrzení přihlášení nebo ověření platby již nevyužívá SMS zprávy... more

Xit wireless
by PIXELA Corporation

Found in: Utilities


いつでもどこでもワイヤレスでテレビを視聴。 Xit... more

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