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CNN: Breaking US & World News 对于 iPhone 是一个 新闻 应用 专门设计为功能齐全的 breaking 应用.


这篇文章告诉你所有你需要知道的 CNN: Breaking US & World News, 包括如何免费下载和安装.

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以下是一些有关如何使用 CNN: Breaking US & World News for daily 目的。 在下载之前预览一下这个 新闻 应用 的工作原理总是一个更好的主意 CNN: Breaking US & World News.ipa.

1. CNN Breaking US & World News (by CNN) - news magazine for Android and iOS.

2. CNN: Breaking US & World News for iOS | Interface & App Quick View


CNN Interactive Group, Inc. 已经付出努力并设计了一个复杂的 headlines 软件。 是什么让它成功? 对于这种坚固的,它非常容易使用 新闻 应用 带有内置的 live 特征。 好吧,作为表现最好的 应用 总体评分为 4.77 我只能添加尝试过的人所说的话。

I believe CNN Is the best News source that there is. Period. I truly believe that it’s the best hope for this country that my daddy fraught for and my grandfather fought for. It’s the best chance to get the truth out about some Republicans that tried to overthrow our democracy! I may be wrong but I believe that CNN cares about the working people, the disabled, the older people, social justice. And that it knows that this country is being run for the wealthy and corporate America. That we need our Unions back. That the wealthy,greedy corporate America has monopolies on everything in this country. From all the meat we consume 4 companies control 95% of it. The oil and gas companies have monopolies. Social media companies have monopolies, I am counting on CNN to expose and report the truth about what is going on in this country to save our Democracy! And I may be wrong. But as imperfect as the Democrats are I Believe that they do care about voting rights, social justice,about the working people,the less fortunate, climate change,retired people, disabled, veterans, Don’t let America DOWN PLEASE!
In this ever confusing life we are living in America and in the world it is nice to know we can have a trusted news source and that is CNN. Although Trump and the right wing followers of his dismiss real news as fake news thereby limiting themselves to rhetoric and false conspiracy theories of Trump and the right wing networks, Americans can stay informed with the incredible in depth reporting of Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Erin Burnett, Brooke Baldwin, Brianna Keiler, Kate Bolduan & a superb cast of supporters reporters. D.Sajay Gupta keeps us informed of important issues relating to this coronavirus pandemic & without him we’d be lost. I can find these articles quickly, at my fingertips & stay informed. I can watch the news live on this app for a time. This app is very easy to use. It is the first thing I check when I wake up.
Excellent truthful reporting. Trump had 4 years to brainwash America. That is difficult to undo, because he made himself as a god and his idol worshippers think he can do no wrong. To go against Trump is to go against the beliefs that have slowly been ingrained in them. As democrats, We feel we are strong Christians that fall short of God’s glory,( as the scriptures tell us), but Trumpers claim to be true Christians and judge us as evil. As Democrats, when attending church, it makes you feel like an outcast because if you are not a Trumper, then they think you can’t be a believer in Christ. Trump has hit upon the very core of our nation: our belief in God and love for our fellow man. Keep telling the truth, for Jesus said “the TRUTH shall set you free.” Let’s pray that our citizens will finally see the truth. Thank you for presenting truth to your viewers.

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