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The award-winning Reddit app Watch with Picture in Picture

Jump Bar, for super-fast hopping between subreddits

Apollo for Reddit 对于 iPhone 是一个 新闻 应用 专门设计为功能齐全的 社交 应用.

"Simply remarkable, […] you’re nuts if you don’t try Apollo." - John Gruber, Daring Fireball
"The best Reddit app for iOS" - The Sweet Setup
"Apollo is the best Reddit client I have ever used. Period." - iMore
"Apollo makes the wild world of Reddit more accessible than ever before, and it may just be the best designed social feed app I've ever used." - MacStories
"Apollo is the only Reddit app you need." - TechCrunch
"Beautiful, modern, and fast." - MacRumors

Apollo is a beautiful Reddit app built for fast navigation with an incredibly powerful set of features. Thanks to features like the Jump Bar, fully customizable gestures, and a super-charged Media Viewer, browsing Reddit has never been this amazing.

It's created specifically with iOS design guidelines in mind, so it fits right at home on your device, and with input from thousands of Redditors helping sculpt and perfect it over several years before launching:

- Jump Bar, for super-fast hopping between subreddits
- Super-charged Media Viewer for an amazing experience viewing images, GIFs, videos, albums , and more from a variety of sources.
- Tabbed interface for easy navigating
- Incredibly powerful Markdown composer for writing comments and posts
- Full inline Imgur uploading, both images and albums
- Large or compact posts depending on your preference
- Dark mode (can be automatic)
- Fully customizable gestures
- Safari View Controller for browsing articles and links
- Inline previews of media in comments
- 3D Touch support
- Beautifully organized Inbox
- Filtering and blocking
- Face ID / Touch ID / Passcode lock
- Moderator features
- Tons of settings to tweak
- GIF scrubbing to go backward and forward in time
- Multiple accounts
- Powerful search
- Full Markdown rendering
- Unobtrusive Volume Indicator

As well as much, much more and it's constantly evolving. If you have anything you'd specifically like to see, come to the ApolloApp subreddit and we'd love to hear it!

This app offers subscriptions for "Apollo Ultra". They're available (in United States pricing) for $0.99 monthly or $9.99 yearly. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period (and charged to your iTunes account). You can turn off auto-renew/manage subscriptions in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Terms of Use can be found at https://apolloapp.io/terms and Privacy Policy can be found at https://apolloapp.io/privacy

Apollo is an unofficial app, and side effects may include an incredible browsing experience.

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Apollo for Reddit 演练视频评论

1. Apollo for Reddit iOS 16 Update! Lock screen widgets, Live Text, Weather, Scroll Distance, and more!

2. Apollo is a Gorgeous iOS Reddit Client from an Ex Apple Employee


Christian Selig 已经付出努力并设计了一个复杂的 award 软件。 是什么让它成功? 对于这种坚固的,它非常容易使用 新闻 应用 带有内置的 winning 特征。 好吧,作为表现最好的 应用 总体评分为 4.75 我只能添加尝试过的人所说的话。

The free version is amazing. The Pro and Ultra versions are even better. For context, please understand that I do not rate apps, ever. This is the only app I’ve gone out of my way to rate and review, because I truly believe this app is outstanding. The official Reddit app used a suspiciously large amount of data, ran in the background and heated up my phone, and drained my battery life. Apollo, by contrast, Just Works. It uses a reasonable amount of data and doesn’t seem to impact the battery life any more than you’d expect. Apollo is what you wish every app would be. It doesn’t force you to use it how the developer wants you to use it. It’s flexible. Features can be configured to work with your preferences. Most features are available in the free version. The few things exclusive to the Pro and Ultra versions are more “nice to have” rather than important functionality that limits the usefulness of the app (at least for me). I bought Pro and subscribed to Ultra anyway, because Apollo is that good. The developer has earned my trust. He actively responds to his user base, developing requested features regularly. The two times I’ve thought of a feature I wanted, I found it was already there in the app. Both times it was implemented with more flexibility and thoughtfulness than I had imagined it. If you use Reddit and want an app on your iOS device, this is the one you should be getting.
I actually had to transmit this review via carrier pigeon from the astral realm so excuse me if my sentiments get lost in translation. You see, Apollo has not only changed my mortal life but also my understanding and connection with the universe as a whole. The seamless navigation, the S tier design and plethora of extra features…the fabric of my being just couldn’t handle it. My body eventually convulsed violently and I transitioned into a higher being. I believed this is what people referred to as “ego death” until I realized death was what I endured before finding Apollo. I realize that social media addiction is a genuine issue among my contemporaries but luckily (thanks to Apollo) I’ve been able to dodge that bullet. Thesis: This application behaves like some sort of Hyperbolic Time Chamber. By that I mean it increases my knowledge, power and overall efficiency but when I emerge from it I return to a world that seems to have been virtually standing still in my truancy (personal results may vary). This is the part where I’d normally thank the dev for producing such a glorious piece of art but I’ve come to realize (thru Apollo) that ultimately “we” are all the great Self so I congratulate me for this stellar experience.

下载 Apollo for Reddit iPhone 和 iPad 免费

要下载 IPA 文件,请按照以下步骤操作。

第 1 步:将 Apple Configurator 2 应用程序下载到您的 Mac。

请注意,您需要安装 macOS 10.15.6。

第 2 步:登录您的 Apple 帐户。

现在您必须通过 USB 数据线将您的 iPhone 连接到您的 Mac 并选择目标文件夹。

第 3 步:下载 Apollo for Reddit 国际音标文件。

现在您可以访问目标文件夹中所需的 IPA 文件。

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