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Feel Better recipes, exercise & meditation Plant-based recipes and more

Introducing the new & improved feel better app, by deliciously ella**

Deliciously Ella 对于 iPhone 是一个 健康 应用 专门设计为功能齐全的 健美 应用.

**Introducing the new & improved feel better app, by deliciously ella**

With a brand new look and feel, improved navigation, and even more plant-based recipes, exercise and wellness inspiration to help you reach all of your goals

Championing a 360 approach to wellness across plant-based recipes, exercise, mindfulness and sleep, the feel better app helps you discover simple, effective ways to improve your health, all from one easy-to-access app.

**Key features include**

800+ delicious, healthy, plant-based recipes
Nutritionally-balanced, easy to follow meal plans
300+ at-home exercise classes across yoga, pilates, barre, cardio, strength and stretch, with something for all abilities
Simple mindfulness practices to help you reduce stress and anxiety, with guided meditations, breathworks, sound baths and much more
Expert-guided wellness plans to help you achieve real results, from learning effective ways to de-stress, mastering the basics of yoga, or practical tools and tips to improve your sleep
Tools to improve your sleep, from sleep soundtracks, to relaxing bedtime meditations
A wellness tracker to help you stay on track (fully integrated with Apple Health)
New recipes, wellness classes and articles added weekly to keep you constantly motivated
Available across mobile, tablet and web

No matter your health needs, the feel better app can help you discover how to make wellness work for you.

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