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Build a City Civilization building game Build across the ages

/5 "A brilliant city building game created by people with a true love of strategy."

Forge of Empires 对于 iPhone 是一个 游戏 游戏 专门设计为功能齐全的 娱乐 游戏.

Build your empire and journey through the ages: With Forge of Empires, we bring our award-winning strategy game to your iPad and iPhone. Build your city and develop it from the Stone Age to modern times (and beyond). Download the app and play Forge of Empires now!

5/5 "A brilliant city building game created by people with a true love of strategy."

5/5 "I am so addicted to this game. Unlocking new tech trees, buildings etc. feels very rewarding. I love this game!"


- Build your city and evolve from the Stone Age to modern times (and beyond).

- Develop new technologies and discover new buildings and goods

- Produce supplies to manufacture goods

- Exchange your goods and trade with your neighbors

- Discover new territories and seize control of the provinces and their rewards

- Use your negotiation or battle skills to take over sector by sector

Forge of Empires is based on our successful browser strategy game which was published by InnoGames in the summer of 2012.
It was awarded Best Browser Game 2013 by the jury at Deutscher Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Award).
Finally, the online strategy game is available for iOS as well, providing cross-platform access.

Forge of Empires is free to download and install. However, some game features can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in­app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required.

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Forge of Empires 游戏玩法和 w练视频评论

1. Forge of Empires iOS app

2. Forge of Empires: Build your City ( Android, iOS )


InnoGames GmbH 已经付出努力并设计了一个复杂的 forge 软件。 是什么让它成功? 对于这种坚固的,它非常容易使用 游戏 游戏 带有内置的 empires 特征。 好吧,作为表现最好的 游戏 总体评分为 4.60 我只能添加尝试过的人所说的话。

I messaged support for some help because there’s a glitch with the mass supply rushes not working for all of my supply buildings. They used to work just fine but now they only work on one out of my 4 buildings that only produce supplies. It’s very frustrating when your in an event and the things that are supposed to help you with the event don’t and then it’s worse when the people you send a message to refuse to even admit there’s an issue. They instead choose to talk to you like your stupid or lying. I don’t understand what the issue is myself there is a glitch, saying thank you for making us aware of the issue, we will work on fixing it sorry for any inconvenience or unnecessary frustration it has caused. Thank you for your patience while we fix the problem so you can keep enjoying the game. I don’t think saying something like that is to much to ask of anybody. And in my opinion is far more professional then avoiding the glitch and acting like I’m lying about it or that I don’t know what I’m talking about. What could I possibly gain from lying about a glitch and if I wasn’t 100% sure about something I would ask a question not complain.
I love what they have done with the recent update. The z’s for buildings not in the process of production are now stationary making them much easier to see. I am a huge fan of the daily quests. Side quests and event quests have been greatly improved, causing me to play more frequently. Overall, I love this game. I have been playing for a few years now and have seen some ups and downs. I am looking forward to the new ages to come. The only thing I would like to see improved is will you PLEASE fix the fact that the app now asks me to sign in through Facebook every single time, even if I was just using it. It redirects me through the Facebook app and I have to click continue, okay, I accept, go, blah blah blah every time just to get to my city. It’s kind of annoying and makes it hard for me to quickly pick up productions or something while I’m not really actively playing at the moment. I find myself checking in less and less because of this added time for log in. Otherwise, great app. I would recommend it, just don’t ever click the log in through Facebook button or you are doomed to navigate through the outside app every time you log in.

下载 Forge of Empires iPhone 和 iPad 免费

要下载 IPA 文件,请按照以下步骤操作。

第 1 步:将 Apple Configurator 2 应用程序下载到您的 Mac。

请注意,您需要安装 macOS 10.15.6。

第 2 步:登录您的 Apple 帐户。

现在您必须通过 USB 数据线将您的 iPhone 连接到您的 Mac 并选择目标文件夹。

第 3 步:下载 Forge of Empires 国际音标文件。

现在您可以访问目标文件夹中所需的 IPA 文件。

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