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Miro: online whiteboard

Whiteboard for collaboration

Run online meetings and team workshops

Miro: online whiteboard 对于 iPhone 是一个 效率 应用 专门设计为功能齐全的 商务 应用.

Miro is the online whiteboard for team collaboration. With the magic of Miro, visualizing concepts, ideas, and solutions as a team can happen anywhere — no dry erase markers needed. With Miro’s online whiteboard, teams can sync, flow, and feel the connection of working side by side — even in remote, distributed, and hybrid work environments.

Miro’s whiteboard app for iPad and iPhone gives you the tools to collaborate with boards that put projects and context all in one place.

Our customers love using Miro’s online whiteboard to:
• Run online meetings and team workshops
• Brainstorm new ideas and designs on a limitless whiteboard
• Edit, annotate and mark up documents and PDFs
• Take digital notes with an Apple Pencil (and reduce paper use!)
• Easily collect resources, photos, docs, links, and references
• Plan and manage agile workflows and scrum rituals
• Create user journeys, map processes, and develop personas
• Teach online classes, replacing the classroom blackboard with an online whiteboard
• Create a vision board of ideas and inspiration

Miro’s whiteboard app allows you to create anytime, anywhere. With over 200+ pre-made templates, a drag-and-drop interface, and no limit on collaborators, working on our whiteboard is fast and fun.

With Miro’s whiteboard mobile app, you can:
• Scan paper post-it notes and convert them into editable digital notes
• Create, view, and edit all your boards
• Capture and organize your ideas on the go
• Share boards publicly or invite team members to edit
• Upload images, pictures, docs, spreadsheets, and more
• Share boards and invite team members to edit
• Review, add and resolve comments

On tablets, you can also use Miro’s whiteboard to:
• Draw concepts and sketch new design ideas with an Apple Pencil
• Convert pencil or stylus drawings into shapes, notes, and diagrams
• Set up your tablet as the second screen with Zoom or Microsoft Teams
Create Mind Maps to visualize your ideas
• Use Lasso to select and move sketches, drawings, or text anywhere on the whiteboard
• Use Highlighter to capture the attention of your team during a meeting

Get in touch:
If you enjoy using Miro’s online whiteboard for collaboration, please leave us a review. If something’s not working right or if you have a question or comment, get in touch with us using this form: https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?referer=store

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Miro: online whiteboard 演练视频评论

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Realtimeboard Inc. 已经付出努力并设计了一个复杂的 whiteboard 软件。 是什么让它成功? 对于这种坚固的,它非常容易使用 效率 应用 带有内置的 collaboration 特征。 好吧,作为表现最好的 应用 总体评分为 4.67 我只能添加尝试过的人所说的话。

This is great. I’ve been searching for an app like this for so long. There are many premade maps for getting started. You can print or export pages or preset sized options. You can customize the colors and text. Creating a map of stickie notes on a wall can be annoying and harder to edit or they fall off eventually. I love that you can zoom out and create a huge map with different colors and options. Linking ideas with arrows or connections is much easier than in other apps I’ve tried. I’m much more productive with this app on a computer with a mouse/Wacom tablet but it is great to have the option of portability.
I just started using Miro recently to create board plans for my English class. I am seriously impressed with the creativity that Miro gives me, it seems like everything I need is just a click away. As a retired engineer, I appreciate Miro’s drawing capabilities as well. It has the feel and some of the functionality of design software. Every day this week I have discovered something new to love about Miro. My goals are to automate my lessons and spend less hours planning and more time teaching. This product is from the minds of brilliant engineers.

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要下载 IPA 文件,请按照以下步骤操作。

第 1 步:将 Apple Configurator 2 应用程序下载到您的 Mac。

请注意,您需要安装 macOS 10.15.6。

第 2 步:登录您的 Apple 帐户。

现在您必须通过 USB 数据线将您的 iPhone 连接到您的 Mac 并选择目标文件夹。

第 3 步:下载 Miro: online whiteboard 国际音标文件。

现在您可以访问目标文件夹中所需的 IPA 文件。

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