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Bible Trivia Quiz

Fun Game Holy Bible Test for Christians

Bible Trivia Quiz 对于 iPhone 是一个 游戏 游戏 专门设计为功能齐全的 家庭聚会 游戏.

Test your knowledge of the Holy Bible with this trivia app.

The Bible Quiz contains hundreds of questions about the Holy Bible from both the new and old testament.

This app contains only the best hand picked questions for people of all ages (kids, teens and adults!).

The game is split into multiple different levels, each containing 10 questions. To unlock the next level you need to answer 6 questions correctly. There are a total of 120 levels to unlock!

Tons of questions to keep you entertained for hours! This Bible Quiz is one of the best ways to learn the Bible and be a true Christian.

Answer a variety of Bible trivia questions such as guess who said the quote, name the Christian saints, answer questions about proverbs and psalms, plus much more!

This game works offline with no Wi-fi. Just remember to study before taking the quiz!

How good is your Christian and biblical knowledge? Play now to find out! This is the ultimate Bible quiz with answers. Download today and learn more about Jesus.

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第 1 步:将 Apple Configurator 2 应用程序下载到您的 Mac。

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第 3 步:下载 Bible Trivia Quiz 国际音标文件。

现在您可以访问目标文件夹中所需的 IPA 文件。

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