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Learn basic & high school math

Basic math - math learning while having fun is the most effective 1st - 12th Grade Math Problems is a education iPhone app specially designed to be fully-featured grade app.

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Designed by math experts to learn math, suitable for all ages, including preschoolers, kindergartens, 1st graders, toddlers. Help children learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide at a level suitable for all age groups!

Math problems for students and adults
If you are a university student, the application can help you with math learning and solving math problems. The application will help you master basic math in a short time. If you are an adult, you can train your brain and solve math test! Each task has an answer that explains the solution step by step!

Learn math every day!
The app helps children get into the habit of learning and practicing math every day. Be active and solve math problems to get interesting rewards, earn points and unlock new levels and ranks!

Math for free!
Access to all math questions in our math app is for free!

Language support

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Polish

Math games for everyone!
Free math games help you build a solid foundation of math. Try these math games right now!

Educational math app
- Basic math - math learning while having fun is the most effective
- Math problems - learn basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
- Math brain training and challenging math questions will help you improve your math skills and will be a great training for your brain!
- Math tests - choose problems from the list and take the math test. You can quickly prepare for a math exam!
- Mathematics for adults and students - the application contains more difficult math problems and can be a good help for people who study at the university!

- Designed by math experts to help kids improve math skills and exercise their mind
- Each question has an answer that explains the solution step by step
- Suitable for children in kindergarten, elementary school, high school, university and adults
- Create a math test by selecting problems from the list
- Learn math for free

Math tests
Improve math skills with educational math tests. Have fun with fun math games!

Basic math
Fun and free basic math tests for kids. Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in math tests for kids.

Math app
Are you looking for math app to help kids practice math? Basic math is the best of all math apps, download and try it!

Math tests and exams
The preparation for the test and exam at school will be much faster and more effective!

Practice math questions
Practice math questions for kids of all ages. Train your brain with easy math games and improve your math skills!

Challenging math games
Let the free math tests help you. Free math games suitable for all devices.

A simple math game
Want to learn subtraction and simple math? Our math game makes it easy! Learn subtraction and simple math with the free math app.

Math questions :

Class 1
- addition and subtraction
- roman numbers

Class 2-3:
- multiplication and division
- unit convertion
- order of operations

Class 4-5:
- percentages
- elements
- powers and roots
- fractions
- adding fractions
- subtracting fractions
- decimal fractions
- algebra

Class 6-7-8 :
- equations
- system of equations
- basic geometry figures
- solid geometry

High school:
- logarithms
- short multiplication formulas
- theorem of sines and cosines
- sequences
- analytical geometry
- polynomials

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