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Gameplay is addictive as you develop your hotel! Grand Hotel Mania for iPhone is a adventure game specially designed to be fully-featured arcade game.

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Your hotel, your rules! Grand Hotel Mania is a unique hotel idle game recognized by players around the world.

Try your hand as the manager of a chain of first-class hotels ready to offer the best service to all their guests!

This hotel simulator has several unique features:

• Gameplay is addictive as you develop your hotel!

• Great graphics show your hotel in all its glory!

• Regular updates that feature new dream hotels!

• A unique gaming experience that only great hotel games can give!

This hotel simulator features a beautiful game environment that will win over any player's heart. Grand Hotel Mania's hotels are designed with passion, which is why this hotel story is so memorable. You'll meet interesting characters, like your assistants Ted and Monica. They'll do everything to make you a hotel master! Charming Monica will greet guests with a smile, while hardworking Ted will make sure everyone's taken care of.

It's fun to create a dream hotel with Grand Hotel Mania! This hotel simulator can be challenging, but it's always worth it. This idle game features many power-ups as it goes on to help you become a hotel empire tycoon. They make the game more fun and engaging!

Enjoy everything this hotel game has to offer!

Grand Hotel Mania is a time-management game in which you have to serve all your guests on time! Just like in the real world, it'll teach you to be a hotel master who can prioritize correctly. Manage your helpers and bring in more clients to be a hotel empire tycoon. Manage time and resources right, and everyone will be happy!

Add a variety of delicacies in this hotel simulator because cooking is important to satisfy your hungry guests. Ted is an excellent cook who can make any dish: pasta, pizza, sushi, and anything the heart desires!

Travel the world to develop your hotel chain! The hotels in each country have unique characteristics and themes. Travelers from around the world are eager to enjoy your luxury service, so there's no time to be an idle hotel tycoon!

Download Grand Hotel Mania to become a hotel master. It's a great idle game that offers adventure at every corner. This time-management game will leave you feeling on top of the world!

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Grand Hotel Mania Gameplay and walkthrough video reviews

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Is it good?

DCGamePub Limited has put efforts and engineered a sophisticated mania game. What makes it successful? It is very easy to use for such a solid adventure game with built-in management features. Well, as a top-performing game with an overall rating of 4.60 I can only add what people who have tried it are saying.

Update: the developers were correct, and they’ve added new levels. Unfortunately, they also recently changed how you get jewels and thus how you can upgrade. I see what they’re trying for, but it doesn’t work as it is. There used to be an incentive to continue playing earlier levels. (Something the developers touted, btw, which makes this change even more irritating.). Now there’s virtually no reason to play earlier levels, and very little incentive to play later ones. I still play, but considerably less frequently and with less pleasure. Suggestion: if you’re going to keep this new incentive, add some for the earlier levels and make some that are less ridiculous — eg, serve 7,777 people with guitars — so that there’s a reason to play. You’ve got a great game here. Not clear why you’re doing this. I really enjoyed this game. As the developers said in response to another review, you have to be patient, go back to earlier levels, get some diamonds, and then improve the level you’re on. You also can’t play this game standing in line at the grocery store. It takes concentration. But that’s why I liked it. Challenging enough that you felt pleased when you won. Very sorry I’ve finished all the levels
Great fun game BUT gems that are required for upgrades have now become harder to get. I used to be able to play the older levels and get a gem or two for every five levels completed but the developer took that away. I have coins that are useless without gems yet I keep earning more and more coins I can’t use - at least let me be able to exchange useless coins for gems OR give back the option to earn gems for older levels I’ve already completed. They’ve also started giving less gems for completing new levels in this great push to have you spend your money to buy gems instead. I definitely recommend this game but be prepared to be frustrated because of a lack of gems for upgrades. My daughter has stopped playing altogether and I’m ready to follow her lead. I understand the developer needs purchases to make the game profitable but at the same token you’re totally killing the user experience and giving us a reason to find alternative things to do with our time, which come to think of it, might not be such a terrible thing.

Download Grand Hotel Mania free for iPhone and iPad

In order to download IPA files follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the Apple Configurator 2 app to your Mac.

Note that you will need to have macOS 10.15.6 installed.

Step 2: Log in to Your Apple Account.

Now you have to connect Your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable and select the destination folder.

Step 3: Download the Grand Hotel Mania IPA File.

Now you can access the desired IPA file in the destination folder.

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