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The Economist is an award-winning, trusted filter on global affairs, offering in-depth analysis of everything from business, finance and politics to science, technology and economics. It covers every region of the world including the United States, Britain, Europe, Asia and Latin America and it excels at big topics, from climate change and sustainability to the future of work and globalisation. The Economist is also available as a weekly magazine.

App highlights:
• Top stories: the latest news analysis combined with highlights from the weekly issue
• Economist The World in Brief: a short morning briefing on the day’s global news
• The Economist weekly edition: full access to the weekly version of The Economist newspaper
• The audio version of the weekly edition to listen to on the go
• A selection of our podcasts, including The Intelligence, a daily burst of illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents

App features:
• A morning briefing on the day ahead
• Timely analysis of the world’s biggest news stories, updated by the end of the day
• The weekly edition available from 9 pm every Thursday evening London time
• Audio versions of the weekly edition read by professional broadcasters
• Reading times highlighted on each article
• Bookmarks to save articles for later or create personal reading lists

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The Economist Walkthrough video reviews

1. The Economist subscription review (digital print)

2. Where does your phone come from?

Is it good?

The Economist Newspaper Group Inc. has put efforts and engineered a sophisticated weekly app. What makes it successful? It is very easy to use for such a solid news app with built-in global features. Well, as a top-performing app with an overall rating of 4.87 I can only add what people who have tried it are saying.

I’m new to The Economist after a suggestion from a relative. My goal was to be more purposeful and engaged in the content that I consume and break the habit of endless scrolling of news headlines via Twitter, Google’s and Apple’s customized news outlets. I find myself actually wanting to read the content published by The Economist rather than skimming headlines. I enjoy learning about what’s going on around the world rather than being inundated by insignificant headlines that make many of the other news outlets’ front pages just to get clicks. It’s a completely different experience. For times when I can’t read the content, like while driving, or if I want to consume some of their longer form content but want to give my eyes a rest from screen fatigue, it’s nice they offer users the option to listen to the content as well. The daily Espresso emails are short bursts of content in the AM while I have my coffee and then throughout the day I can read further the content that I’m interested in. Thanks The Economist! Suggestion for future app improvements: (1) Give users the ability to double tap the “Home” button at the bottom to quickly jump to the top of the page. (2) Give users the ability to better organize their Saved content. Either give them ways to create folders to organize their content, or the capability to apply “tags” to the content.
I started reading The Economist at around 16 (yes, really). It was recommended reading for passing my British army entrance tests and I’ve been a fan ever since. The idea of truly unbiased journalism is a myth - as soon as one picks up a pen or a camera, they are biased. What is included or omitted is as much a part of bias as what opinion is deliberately conveyed. That said, I think The Economist does an excellent job of being balanced; and when it is taking a side, it says so - elections, wars, major debates. I particularly like the lack of affiliation of each piece and the ‘voice’ of the paper, I find it reduces grandstanding and personal politics (anyone willing to write for a paper that deliberately doesn’t give the author credit is alright by me). Then there’s the app. It can be read daily as a source of news or you can read the weekly edition ‘cover-to-cover’ as I do. If you’re looking for a great one-stop-shop for informed news, The Economist app is it.

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Step 3: Download the The Economist IPA File.

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