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Visual Novel Solve Mysteries & Find Love

Collection: unlock beautiful illustrations inside Luna’s diary. Learn her thoughts on each character and collect memories from your most memorable romance and investigation. Luna Ravel is a simulation iPhone game specially designed to be fully-featured adventure game.

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Investigate, solve crimes, and meet husbandoes during your adventures! This is an interactive story-driven game, full of suspense and romance.

You are Luna Luna Ravel, one of the world's best detectives. Luna has a supernatural gift: she can make anybody reveal their deepest secrets. However, it came at a cost, the loss of her father. All her relationships are suffering from it. Will you still manage to help her find love and meaningful relationships?


There is a large cast of love interests you can romance during Luna’s crime-solving adventures: meet Peter an arrogant British detective, Oscar a childhood first love, Rosa a shy and lovely housemaid… who will you choose?
With the help of your tech-addict acolyte Lily, you will uncover the secrets and mysteries behind each case. Multiple investigations need to be solved including the sudden disappearance of a lake, a curse on a billionaire that needs to be lifted, the kidnapping of a music superstar… Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test?
Your choices will have an impact on the story arcs and who you will romance. Try out this interactive story in this fascinating fantasy universe and who knows… maybe you will fin your all-time favorite husbando?


This visual novel features extra content to help you connect more with the love interests and side characters:
- Collection: unlock beautiful illustrations inside Luna’s diary. Learn her thoughts on each character and collect memories from your most memorable romance and investigation.
- Memories: unlock side stories and exclusive romantic scenes. Learn more about this unique world.
- Investigate with style: unlock new outfits and combine them to create your favorite look. Better look good for a date?

Are you a fan of interactive story games, visual novels, and Otome? Then you will love Luna Ravel!
- A unique story-driven detective visual novel
- Stories centered around character development
- Love stories and romances all over the place
- LGBT characters and relationships
- An inspiring heroine that you will love

About the developer
Luna Ravel has been developed by Nutnut, a French studio specializing in interactive romantic stories. Known for Hey Love Chris, Hey Love Tim and Hey Love Adam, Nutnut wants to create endearing characters and love stories. With its fantastical universe and mysterious case to solve, Luna Ravel is an exciting game to Nutnut’s story-driven game catalog.

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Available languages: English, French, Italian, German
This detective game is available in English!

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Step 3: Download the Luna Ravel IPA File.

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