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Exos Heroes for iPhone is a action game specially designed to be fully-featured role playing game.

Key features

This article tells you everything you need to know about Exos Heroes, including how to download and install for free !

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Gameplay and walkthrough video reviews

Following are some short videos of how to use Exos Heroes for exos purposes. It's always a better idea to preview how this action game work before downloading the Exos Heroes.ipa.

1. Exos Heroes - Global Version Gameplay (Android/IOS)

2. Exos Heroes Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)

Is it good?

LINE Games has put efforts and engineered a sophisticated heroes game. What makes it successful? It is very easy to use for such a solid action game with built-in visualism features. Well, as a top-performing game with an overall rating of 3.83 I can only add what people who have tried it are saying.

I’ve played a lot of games similar to this like Raid: Shadow Legends, Genshin, Epic Seven and more, and I must say that Exos Heroes has really captured me. I’ve been playing for over two years, almost entirely F2P and I love it. Yes they had a month where their updates were creating a lot of problems and a lot of us couldn’t log in or we got black screens, but the devs went out of their way to address it, did fix it, and gave us like insane amounts of gifts in game to compensate. They have tons of events and celebrations and new banners. I know rng is different for everyone, but I consistently get the Fatecore for every banner within 3 to 10 pulls. Only once I had to pull to pity. The game seems incredibly fair compared to Raid: Shadow Legends, which made me feel abused by the horrible rng percentages and challenge getting good heroes. I’m able to compete well in the Arena as a mostly F2P player, the animations are gorgeous, the heroes are creatively designed, and while the translations are hilariously poor in some cases, and the story isn’t the best… there’s still something I find incredibly charming about it all. I spend 2+ hours religiously every day in the Exos world and I love it. I think the reason their ratings are so low compared to other games is that the devs are so nice and honest that they don’t pay for fake reviews like most of the other games. So if you like collector rpg games, I highly suggest you give them a chance.
Y’all gotta get over the fact that a mobile game has P2W aspects to it. If you like a game, yeah it can be frustrating to lose against a heavy P2W player but there are very few of those in mobile games. If you don’t like it, and you genuinely feel like it is a P2W game, then drop a hundred a month or so. That’s literally less than the price of a latte many of us buy everyday. With that out of the way, I really enjoy this game. I think it has enough content to keep me entertained throughout an entire day. I find the store to be immersive and make sense (and I’m a writer). The voice acting lacks the depth of most other P2P games nowadays but that does not take too much from the experience, especially if you’re used to classic JRPGs like the early Final Fantasy games or Dragon Quest. Honestly, I enjoy that style though. It’s very nostalgic. I will not argue, however, with the fact that some FC characters are broken like Black Moon Baracka. It doesn’t make them impossible to beat with a proper strategy. The best part—this game isn’t the typical, “Button spam and you win” BS. Nah, you actually have to use strategy and think about your team comp, mana gain speed, weakness, and strengths. That is my favorite part about the game though. In short, I love it. :D
I was shocked by the low rating. I’m someone who has played Dragalia Lost, Epic7, Arknights, and other gachas. This game has definitely peaked my interest, it’s well made and so fun, I think it stands with other big gachas. In just about a week of daily grinding I cleared most endgame content, the game is very fast paced which is great if you hate long term grind (epic7/dragalia) There’s lots to do and the grinding isn’t too tedious. There’s also PvP and guild wars, even as a f2p you can win a few matches if you know how to build and make good teams. I do recommend rerolling for a few strong 5* units, since only a few of the 4* and 3* a good enough to use The art is also very beautiful and the story is actually interesting, and I rarely read stories. The animation cut scenes also show off the nice 3D models. When it comes to currency you get like 300 total pulls from your newbie achievements and first-clears rewards etc. Its definitely more than enough to get one or two meta heroes and 5* characters. All in All this game is a great gacha game. Yes it comes with all the usual downsides of gacha games but that’s expected, these are mobile games, not full fledged PC games. Still I do not really feel restrained by anything.

Download Exos Heroes free for iPhone and iPad

In order to download IPA files follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the Apple Configurator 2 app to your Mac.

Note that you will need to have macOS 10.15.6 installed.

Step 2: Log in to Your Apple Account.

Now you have to connect Your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable and select the destination folder.

Step 3: Download the Exos Heroes IPA File.

Now you can access the desired IPA file in the destination folder.

Download from the App Store

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