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Drink 29% less alcohol every week Sunnyside is a health iPhone app specially designed to be fully-featured fitness app.

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Sunnyside is the only alcohol tracking, planning, and coaching app focused on mindful drinking and moderation, not sobriety. It’ll help you reframe your relationship to alcohol in no time.

We celebrate you for being sober curious and seeking alcohol moderation. If you’re one of the 75% of adults who drink, you can use Sunnyside to reframe your approach to alcohol and start building healthier drinking habits immediately. You don’t have to go sober to see big results.

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In their first 30 days, the average member experiences the following results:

• Drink 29% less alcohol every week
• Successfully reframe their relationship to alcohol, without going sober
• Save at least $50 (it covers the cost of the subscription)
• Cut 1,500 calories out their diet
• Gain significantly more energy and focus
• Dramatically improve sleep quality
• Improve overall wellness


Put simply, it’s all about thinking while drinking. Mindful drinking is not about quitting alcohol but instead being aware of how much alcohol you’re drinking and its impact on you in the moment.


Reviewed and backed by an advisory board of medical and habit change experts, Sunnyside uses techniques such as pre-commitment and conscious interference to gradually help you reframe your relationship to alcohol without interrupting your day-to-day lifestyle.


Our nonjudgmental approach will make you feel welcome and appreciated. Your goals around alcohol are personal–not all or nothing–and we tailor your experience appropriately. We never pressure you to be sober or quit drinking.


• Set your personal goals around alcohol
Your experience starts with a short, anonymous survey that only takes about 3 minutes. We gather some information about your drinking habits, your goals, and your intentions. This helps us personalize your experience to help you reframe your relationship to alcohol.

• Commit to a weekly alcohol plan
Every week we give you a recommended drink plan for the week ahead that will help you reach your personal goals. It’s always gradual and you can always adjust it.

• Track your drinks
Via a simple interface in-app (or via text message), we make alcohol tracking easy, and provide nudges to help you stay on target.

• Get daily motivation
We’ll deliver upbeat and positive education, motivation, tips, and tricks to keep you on track every day of the week. We focus on mindfulness and moderation, not going sober.

• Text real human coaches
Our team of real human coaches are available for you, no matter what you need. Text them anonymously to receive a helpful nudge at any time. Or don’t. We never force you to interact with our coaches.

• Interact with the community
Our new community feature lets you connect with others in the community around a shared daily prompt that helps you stay positive and mindful every day. It’s the perfect way to support those around you and get a bit of support and validation for yourself.

• Measure your progress
Watch and measure how your new habits add up to better sleep, money saved, and an improved diet in your personal dashboard.


• Reduce and moderate their alcohol consumption
• Get support from others with similar goals
• Track their alcohol and learn how much they’re drinking
• Reframe their overall relationship to alcohol
• Add more dry days to their week
• Stop binge drinking and blacking out
• Reduce the effects of hangovers
• Reduce anxiety and improve overall wellness
• Lose some weight and improve diet


When you sign up for Sunnyside you’ll get 15 days to try everything for free, after which your credit card will be charged. You can cancel anytime within the 15-day free trial.

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Step 3: Download the Sunnyside IPA File.

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