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Yahoo Finance for iPhone is a finance app specially designed to be fully-featured news app.

Key features

This article tells you everything you need to know about Yahoo Finance, including how to download and install for free !

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Walkthrough video reviews

Following are some short videos of how to use Yahoo Finance for financial purposes. It's always a better idea to preview how this finance app work before downloading the Yahoo Finance.ipa.

1. How To Use Yahoo Finance APP Part 01: Creating Watchlists On Ipad

2. Yahoo Finance App Tutorial and Review

Is it good?

Yahoo! Inc. has put efforts and engineered a sophisticated stocks app. What makes it successful? It is very easy to use for such a solid finance app with built-in charts features. Well, as a top-performing app with an overall rating of 4.74 I can only add what people who have tried it are saying.

Great app. Please fix some obvious bugs. 1) calculated stock total value is different from the holdings view vs individual stock view, the individual stock view doesn’t calculate/track sold off stocks ( negative quantity), but rather ignores them as shorts. Totals are inconsistent, annoying. 2) when scrolling up the list, the bounce feature when list hits the top goes bizarre and jitters. It’s nauseating. Seems to happen when scrolling up slowly. Scrolling up fast works fine. It may be a refresh view related error of some sort. Doesn’t happen every time, but frequently. 3) Suggestion, not a bug. The new font is bad. Seems every thing is emboldened now, makes it difficult to read as the letters are less defined. 4) suggestion. Allow side swipe from a stock view to permit scrolling to next stock on the list. It’s more intuitive that side swiping is to see the next list item rather than more detailed info, like on dating apps. 5) suggestions. Make a dividend payout feature. Since you already have the purchase date and number of shares info. This should be a simple feature. And it increases user engagement to input their stock positions. 6) suggestions. Allow for users to exclude some stock lists from the total holdings info. I’d like to see what my total holdings positions is with and without including my retirement account positions, for example.
I just love yahoo finance. It is the best finance app, which is the know fact. I love it, use it, rely on it, read news from it, have my own portfolio on it. But I have one request. Please, I would live if you could make the graph more easily workable. Now when i click on the graph to check the prices of the stock in last couple days or week. It opens up a new page and then it is not very handy. Difficult to operate. This is the only part that I love of the ios Stocks app. Their graphs are very very handy and easy to work with. If at yahoo finance you could do the same, that would be just amazing and i will not have to go back to the ios stocks app for it. Currently i use the ios stocks app to move and see the rates of the stock on the graph, for everything else I use yahoo finance. Hoping you guys read the request and work it. I still gave 5 stars as i love yahoo finance, it is really really good with all the info and details. Just if you can fix this part, it will be a slam dunk.
More information available and very intuitive than most .when using other sites I had to come back to Yahoo finance to get complete picture I would give five stars except so many times I click on a certain story when I get there I am asked to subscribe , even though the same story that needs subscription you can find it for free on another site. Public information should not require subscription. Very frustrating to click on story then it tells you you need to subscribe, I understand the reason behind it ,but if the story is public knowledge then it should be read without the annoying subscribe first ,if the story is exclusive to that site only then I understand someone need to subscribe. Most of the time it is not Yahoo but others who put the story on Yahoo then ask for subscription before finishing reading the news.

Download Yahoo Finance free for iPhone and iPad

In order to download IPA files follow these steps.

Step 1: Download the Apple Configurator 2 app to your Mac.

Note that you will need to have macOS 10.15.6 installed.

Step 2: Log in to Your Apple Account.

Now you have to connect Your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable and select the destination folder.

Step 3: Download the Yahoo Finance IPA File.

Now you can access the desired IPA file in the destination folder.

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