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by Sunjin Moon

What is eRate:

Exchanged rate converter based on exchange rates for 34 countries.


- Convert between currencies based on latest exchange rates.
- Select base currency (home currency) as well as its quotation system. The user can enable or disable direct quotation.
ex) Direct quotation: 1 foreign currency unit = x home currency units
Indirect quotation: 1 home currency unit = x foreign currency units
- calculate the rate with user-defined tax properties.

Supporting currencies:
AUD (Australian dollar)
BGN (Bulgarian lev)
BRL (Brazilian real)
CAD (Canadian dollar)
CHF (Swiss franc)
CNY (Chinese yuan renminbi)
CZK (Czech koruna)
DKK (Danish krone)
EEK (Estonian kroon)
GBP (Pound sterling)
HKD (Hong Kong dollar)
HRK (Croatian kuna)
HUF (Hungarian forint)
IDR (Indonesian rupiah)
INR (Indian rupee)
ISK (Icelandic krona)
JPY (Japanese yen)
KRW (South Korean won)
LTL (Lithuanian litas)
LVL (Latvian lats)
MXN (Mexican peso)
MYR (Malaysian ringgit)
NOK (Norwegian krone)
NZD (New Zealand dollar)
PHP (Philippine peso)
PLN (Polish zloty)
RON (New Romanian leu)
RUB (Russian rouble)
SEK (Swedish krona)
SGD (Singapore dollar)
THB (Thai baht)
TRY (New Turkish lira)
USD (US dollar)
ZAR (South African rand)

* New version submitted that correct a possible problem in using the most recent data.

Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Categories Finance, Utilities
Released Feb 2, 2010
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