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Lila's World:Create Play Learn

My DIY Town, My Life, My Home

by Tadpole Interactive Private Limited

What is Lila's World:Create Play Learn:

Welcome to "Lila's World"

Play as Lila while she visits her Grandma's house for the summer. There are a lot of things to discover all throughout this mystery manor in which Grandma lives. Explore the house, read a book in the library or have a tea party in the living room. Play the piano in the Music room or Cook almost any dish you can think of in the Kitchen. While you explore, don’t forget to look for the many secrets of the house. Now what could Grandma be hiding?

Not only can you play in Grandma's house but you can draw and create your own worlds too. Use real paper and colors to draw new characters, scenes, food, objects and a lot more.

Browse all the different worlds created by all the imaginative kids out there. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe you can help Lila setup her cousin Ro's birthday party, or go to the park for a picnic with her friends.

Maybe you can sail the oceans on a pirate ship, or just have fun day at the beach with your family.

You can also play with your own drawn characters in the real world in the AR mode. Just watch as your own drawings come to life. It’s like Magic!

Make your own pretend play world!

In “Lila’s Word” there are no rules and no goals. Playing is as easy as tapping and dragging the characters to move them around so that different real world situations can be recreated. Most objects can be dragged around and moved in the scenes. Some items can be tapped to perform different specific actions like turning a light bulb ON and OFF or opening doors to go to other rooms. Make sure to check the Kitchen to find the hundreds of recipes. Just combining one ingredient with another can make new dishes like adding bread and cheese will create a cheese sandwich. However, there are a few more complicated recipes which can be created by combining multiple ingredients in the oven and turning it ON. Be careful though, if they don’t combine well together, you will get a burnt dish… Yuck! Exploring is key in Lila’s world so make sure you check all the different areas of the game. There are many secrets hidden all around Grandma’s house so the more you explore, the more you will find.

One of the most unique aspects of our game is the Create section. Here, users are encouraged to create their own scenes. Use the Create button to add your own items into the game. If you want your favorite toy in the game just make a drawing of it, take a picture from the Create menu and you can have it right in the game with you. Your favorite meal is not in the game? No problem, make a drawing of it and add it in yourself. Do you want to enter the game yourself? No problem, just make a drawing of yourself and enter the game directly. Maybe you want a different scene to play in but you don’t want to draw it yourself. We’ve got you covered there too, just browse our Online Gallery and you can download any one else’s scenes and play in it. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly safe with our team of world class moderators reviewing and approving only the best scenes for everyone. 

New Scenes every month. Learn about the following:
- Different festivals from around the world
- New cities to explore
- A trip down your neighborhood

"Lila's World" is absolutely safe for kids. Even while we allow kids to play with other kid's creations from around the world, we make sure all our content is moderated and nothing is approved without getting approved first. We collect no personal information and your can play completely offline if you want as well.

You can find our Terms of Use here:

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If you have any questions, you can email us at

Requirements Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Categories Education, Games, Family, Role Playing
Released Sep 27, 2021
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