Mjolnir Mining free software for iPhone and iPad

Mjolnir Mining

by Juan Guerrero

What is Mjolnir Mining:

So you're into Ethereum mining but need access to your pool stats, love to see you performance charts yet you don't like to fire a browser every single time and paste your address.
With Mjolnir you'll have a single place to look at all your accounts and workers with just a few taps.
Interactive charts so helpful that you'll obsess over using the app again and again.
IMPORTANT: This version supports Ethermine only.
* Ability to handle any number of pool accounts as well as any number of rig/workers per account.
* QRCode scanner so adding an address feels like child's play
* Interactive charts so you get to know your precise performance at a specific point in time.
* Synchronizes your addresses between devices.
* Displays all payouts received.
* Profit calculator lets you know

*Future enhancements*

Hardware monitoring:
Get to know everything about your GPUs:
* Core Temperature
* Fan Speed
* Power consumption.
See status of other system resources:
* CPU usage
* Free RAM
* Remaining Storage Space
Monitor and manage miner performance all from the app without the need risk your LAN security by opening your firewall to the whole internet!
* Hashrates
* Contributed Shares
* GPU Health
* Turn GPUs on/off
* Turn dual mining on/off
* Restart your rig
Hardware monitoring will be available under a monthly subscription service in a future version so be sure to get the app today.

Categories Finance, Utilities
Released Jan 23, 2019
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