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Moodwave - Support Network

Track mood. Get social support

by A3 Studios, LLC

What is Moodwave - Support Network:

Build your social support network with Moodwave. Track daily moods and improve mental well-being through social journaling. Create a social support network of close friends and family to share and grow closer with. Easily check in on friends and exchange emotional support during times of need. Unlock insights and reflect deeper by answering guided journal prompts. Boost your mood with bite-sized meditation sessions. Get support from our safe, anonymous community whenever you need it.


- TRACK your mood by journaling at least once a day
- INVITE close friends and family to join your social support network
- SHARE moods and journal entries with your support network
- CHECK IN on your friends and exchange supportive messages
- MESSAGE your friends directly and have insightful conversations
- DISCOVER new people and grow your support network
- UNLOCK insights that can help improve your overall mental health
- CONNECT with yourself and friends through guided journal prompts
- TAKE a deep breath and start meditating for relaxation
- REFLECT more with our adaptive journal prompts personalized to you
- VENT to our safe anonymous community
- SEND friendly support messages to community members during times of stress
- SET reminders for healthy journaling and meditation habits and routines


Moodwave is a social support network that helps people cultivate their relationships with close friends and family and find new meaningful connections. Track daily moods, write and share journal entries, and build a support network that you can depend on during times of stress. Take a deep breath and boost your mood with meditation sessions or vent anonymously on the Community Feed. Moodwave is completely free to use and comes with the following features:

- Share moods and journal entries with your social support network (or keep them private)
- Unlock interesting trends and insights about your mental well-being
- Reflect on feelings by completing guided journal prompts
- Explore journal prompt categories: reflection, gratitude, venting, current events, and more
- Reduce everyday stress with bite-sized meditation sessions
- Set daily reminders and never forget filling out a journal entry
- Create multiple reminders for all of your self-care habits and routines
- Invite people close to you to join your social support network
- Easily check in on friends to see how they’re doing
- Follow everyone's mental well-being on a single, "phonebook-style" view
- Effortlessly update your social support network on your overall well-being
- Create a profile that keeps everyone's mental well-being open and honest
- Send a notification letting your friend know you're here for them
- Send a nudge to see how they're doing if it’s been a while
- Text or call them to have a deeper conversation

Requirements Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Categories Social Networking, Health & Fitness
Released Jun 10, 2021
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