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Oh My Homework

The app helping students

by Jakub Klementewicz

What is Oh My Homework:

OhMyHomework solves tasks step-by-step like the teachers do. It's a great tool to verify your answers/results or see how the task should be done.
The app offers help with Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English.

OhMyHomework will help you understand: fractions, roots, powers, functions, linear function, quadratic function & graphs, BODMAS and much more!
It has never been easier to do homework!

- Function
- Linear function
- Quadratic function
- Graphs
- Fractions
- Power (Exponentiation)
- Root
- Surfaces
- Perimeters
- Volumes
- Converter

- Kinematics
- Dynamics
- Work, Power, Energy

- Chemical Elements

- Present Simple
- Present Continuous
- Present Perfect
- Present Perfect Continuous
- Past Simple
- Past Continuous
- Past Perfect
- Past Perfect Continuous
- Future Simple
- Future Continuous
- Future Perfect
- Future Perfect Continuous

Table of irregular verbs.

Requirements Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Categories Education
Released Jun 20, 2021
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