PictureWidget free software for iPhone and iPad


by Atsushi Ezaki

What is PictureWidget:

"PictureWidget" that displays your favorite photos in a widget

■ Basically 3 steps
1. Register photos in the app
Select the photos you want to display in the widget
Enable and display widgets

[Detailed usage]
■ Registering photos
・ There is no limit to the number of photos that can be registered in the app.
・ Up to 5 sheets can be registered at one time
-Sort by long press
・ Delete from popup button
・ Change of list display size (2 columns, 4 columns, details)
・ Memo can be registered in the detailed display

■ Selecting photos to display in the widget
・ Up to 12 sheets
・ If you want to clear all selections, you can press the registration button and then use the menu

■ Widget display
・ The following settings can be made on the setting screen.
Display format: List type, photo type
Size: Horizontal, square, vertical
Display of shooting date and memo
Enlarged photo display

■ Other
・ Theme color
・ Dark mode (Auto, Light, Dark)
・ Change app icon
・ Photo view function

Categories Lifestyle, Utilities
Released Sep 19, 2020
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