Psi3 free software for iPhone and iPad


by Mossbridge Institute, LLC

What is Psi3:

Psi3 test​s​ your "​psychic IQ" by offering three simple​ but valid tests for different types of psychic abilities. ​You can ​see how your scores compare to the top scorers In each game​, and you can ​learn more ​about the ​underlying ​science ​within the app​.

The games are:
* Heart Quest, in which you tap on the screen to send love to a robot and help ​him grow a heart​. This tests for ​psychokinesis (​mind-over-matter​).

* Hidden Gurus, in which you predict where a​n image of a​ guru ​will appear​.​ This tests for precognition (predicting the future).

* Future Feelings, in which you click on a ​happy or sad face ​to describe the mood of photographs. This ​tests for a unconscious form of precognition.

Psi3 was designed by a group of scientists, ​scholars, and ​Silicon Valley tech developers​ in collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit ​research ​organization ​founded by an Apollo astronaut to explore the frontiers of "inner space." The app was funded by ​grants from the Bial Foundation and the Hummingbird ​Fund, as well as several independent donors. It is now proudly released through Mossbridge Institute, LLC.

Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Categories Games, Lifestyle, Strategy
Released Jan 31, 2019
Download Psi3 free for iPhone and iPad

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