Qibla Compass Pro free software for iPhone and iPad

Qibla Compass Pro

by Hossam Khalaf

What is Qibla Compass Pro:

Now Ver 1.1 with A bug fix and performance enhancement

Get Qibla Direction Instantly
For iPhone 3GS Only.

Start getting the right direction of Mecca/Kaaba, which is the direction for Muslim prayers instantly and at a glance.

unlike old prayers direction applications, No need to make any calculations and you don't have to look for north or sun direction.

Qibla Compass Pro works automatically and takes less than 2 seconds from application start till the direction of Mecca is acquired and shown on screen.

How to show Qibla (Mecca) direction?
Hold your iPhone and start the application, It will point the red arrow to Mecca instantly.
It is preferred to hold the iPhone horizontally. You can reach the most accurate position by following the transparent bubble until it reaches the center of the iPhone screen.
The application will work accurately in any given position but the horizontal position tip will be better for your eye to match the praying position which is from standing up.

Compass Interference
If you are holding the iPhone very close to magnetic interference, you will get a message telling you to move it away from any source of interference (like metal or magnetic objects) or just re-calibrate by waving your iPhone in a figure 8 motion.

Qibla Compass Pro should work on iPhone 3GS devices from any place on earth as long as it is placed properly away from magnetic interference.

There is a Map section on the Qibla Compass Pro Pro application, Press the Map button to know more bout your location and the direction of Qibla relative to your surroundings (home or office street or area, landmarks, and major or minor sites)

Pressing the Map button gives 3 different views:
-Press once to see your position and Qibla direction on the Map pointed to by a red arrow.
-Press once more to make your position centered on the map while you move on foot or by car. The Qibla direction will be also on the same red arrow.
Press for the 3rd time to make the map rotate while you move. In this case the map will not be pointed to north. The red arrow will keep pointing to Qibla direction.

Settings Button
Choose the map view style exactly like Google Maps. Either map, satellite, or both (hybrid).

Choose compass type, either True North or Magnetic North.

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Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Categories Utilities, Travel
Released Feb 4, 2010
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