Thingot – Remember what’s good! free software for iPhone and iPad

What is Thingot – Remember what’s good!:

Remember what's good… and what's not!

Which toothpaste was worth buying and which absolutely was not? Which beer was brewed just to your taste? With Thingot you can easily keep track of these products.

Using Thingot is easy:
- Take a photo
- Pick a category
- Decide if it’s good or bad!

Thingot is built natively for iOS 7 and features:
- Sleek and cool looks
- Custom categories with over 50 ready-to-use icons
- Filtering and searching
- Geotagging
- Sharing

Thingot is 300% handcrafted in Finland!

Categories Lifestyle, Utilities
Released Dec 31, 1969
Download Thingot – Remember what’s good! free for iPhone and iPad

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