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by Straight & Level Technologies, LLC

What is WingBug:

Coupled with the personal and portable WingBug precision ADAHRS (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System) device, the WingBug app provides a never before available true air data generated traditional instrument “six pack” in a digital display.

Please note this app will only work with the WingBug precision ADAHRS device; you can find out more information on how to acquire one at

WingBug Features:
• Backup flight data source
• Built in GPS for flight path plotting
• Provides redundancy to the aircraft’s instrumentation in the event of a failure. From homebuilt to GA aircraft
• Portable. May be used with multiple aircraft
• Recording and playback of flight data
• Better retention of information for post training flight review
• Improved and expedited training
• Better documentation for CFI’s
• Decreased student stress
• Optimizes study time
• Documents improvement in flight training
• Provides instrumentation in light sport, experimental, and homebuilt aircraft where it wasn’t cost effective or practical before
• Documents in-flight testing
• Utilized in aviation testing environments
• Flight Instrument Data may be shared between WingBug equipped aircraft flying in formation

COMING SOON: Angle of Attack (AOA) and Side Slip indicators

Some WingBug Precision Measuring Device facts:
• Developed by aviators (actually a pilot and a rocket scientist) for aviators
• Tested, evaluated, and utilized by the Florida Institute of Technology Mechanical Aerospace Engineering Department
• Low cost of ownership and use
• Assembled in the USA
• Exclusively utilizes the iOS format for maximum reliability and safety
• WingBug is the only portable ADAHRS precision measurement device available
• Over three years of testing and evaluation before release

Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Categories Utilities
Released Jul 2, 2018
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