Wordly - More fun than your mother's word game free software for iPhone and iPad

Wordly - More fun than your mother's word game

by Scopely - Top Free Apps and Games LLC

What is Wordly - More fun than your mother's word game:

***** Welcome to the most addictive word game in the world! *****
Don’t believe us? These fictitious celebrity endorsements will convince you!

“Even though I make about eleven movies a year, I still play Wordly at least six hours a day.”
-- Tom Cruise, massively successful movie star

“If I had to choose between yelling at aspiring chefs on national TV and playing Wordly, I would be very disappointed, because I love doing both so much.”
-- Chef Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef and famous Englishman

Claim as many letters as you can by finding words, rule the board, and beat your opponent! Awesome features include:

√ Play dozens of games at once with friends and family anywhere in the world
√ Enjoy riveting single-player action in Wordly's challenging "Play the Greats" mode, where you're pitted against historical greats such as Shakespeare, Einstein, and Count Dracula
√ Connect with friends through Facebook, Twitter or SMS
√ Chat with buddies via in-game messaging
√ Enjoy a variety of fresh and challenging gaming experiences with special daily game boards
√ Complete daily word list achievements and long-term achievements to gain trophies and bragging rights, and climb the Wordly ranks from "Novice" to "Master" and beyond
√ Amp up your game with the Wild Tile and Word Hint power ups

“I would do anything for love, but I won’t throw a game of Wordly. Winning just feels too good.”
-- Meat Loaf, best-selling record artist and avid horticulturist

“I’ve tried literally every word game on the planet – including Word Warrior Mashup Showdown Challenge With Relatives – but only Wordly gives me the deep down satisfaction that comes from connecting with my friends and family in a game that is 73% skill, 22% luck, and 17% perspiration. ”
-- Jon Stewart, comedian and skilled mathematician

“There is nothing more magical than words, and nothing more fun than sharing words with your friends and family. Wordly makes that all possible, plus it has an awesome in-game chat feature. It’s definitely not my mother’s word game, but she died in 1794.”
-- Noah Webster, dictionary entrepreneur

Come play the game where you make words, grab tiles, and talk smack with friends and family throughout the world and find out what thousands already know: Wordly is the way to go!

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Please e-mail us at wordly-support@scopely.com with any feedback, questions, or concerns!

Note: All celebrity endorsements are fictitious, though we’re 99.99% positive these people would love Wordly.

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Released Dec 31, 1969
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