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Full length stretching and yoga classes for all levels

Stretch para iPhone es un salud aplicación especialmente diseñado para tener todas las funciones aptitud aplicación.

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Transform your life through stretching and yoga at home or on the go with classes, stretch routines, challenges, and more with instructor Sam Gach.

Build the optimal stretching habit to reach your goals, from increasing flexibility or relieving stress to reducing pain or improving posture. Take full length stretching and yoga classes, target specific muscle groups, or get a full body stretch wherever you are.

Tools such as the streak counter and stretch reminders will help you build the stretching habit you need to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and feel better - both mentally and physically.

Accessible for all levels, whether you are stiff as a board or already bending like a rubber band.

Classes, routines, stretches, and challenges are added regularly to make sure you have what you need to reach your goals and enjoy the process. Stretch routines include full body, different levels including beginners, routines targeting individual muscle groups, relaxation sessions, splits routines, reducing pain, improving posture, desk stretches, and so much more.

Features include:
-Full length stretching and yoga classes for all levels
-Stretch routines for all muscle groups
-Stretches and routines for whatever your needs may be
-Challenges to kickstart your practice
-User profile to track your journey
-Streaks and reminders to build a consistent habit
-More stretches, routines, classes, and challenges added regularly

Welcome to Stretch - we are so glad you’re here!

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Stretch Tutorial de videos de guía

1. Time-stretch GarageBand iOS and Mac

2. How To Stretch videos on Mobile For Free (IPhone and IPad)

¿Esta bien?

Breakthrough Apps se ha esforzado y diseñado un sofisticado stretching software. ¿Qué lo hace exitoso? Es muy fácil de usar para un sólido salud aplicación con mobility caracteristicas. Bueno, como un aplicación con una calificación general de 4.80 Solo puedo agregar lo que dice la gente que lo ha probado.

Hello! I’m using the app for better flexibility and to help deal with the arthritis in my lower back and hip. I really enjoy being able to focus on stretches for those particular areas, and to also explore beginning yoga. I like the workout routines that are already set up, the guided classes by Sam, and the ability to do focused stretches as well. Although it’s been over a week now of using the app, I find that I am able to move better and with less stiffness and pain. It is totally worth the price, in my opinion - I’ve used apps that cost more, but this one seems to be doing what I need, and I’m excited to see where this little journey takes me.
I am fairly new to the concept of stretching consistently, and have avoided doing so in fear of not knowing what to do. Sam does an awesome job navigating beginners through routines and challenges that introduce me to stretching, and challenge me to step it up week after week. Now that I have a plan and an easy to use app, I’m much more consistent with stretching!

Descargar Stretch gratis para iPhone y iPad

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Paso 1: descarga la aplicación Apple Configurator 2 en tu Mac.

Tenga en cuenta que deberá tener macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Paso 2: Inicie sesión en su cuenta de Apple.

Ahora debe conectar su iPhone a su Mac mediante un cable USB y seleccionar la carpeta de destino.

Paso 3: Descargue el archivo Stretch Archivo IPA.

Ahora puede acceder al archivo IPA deseado en la carpeta de destino.

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