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 Select any video from multiple sources - YouTube, TikTok, and Video Library

Video Alarm para iPhone es un utilidades aplicación especialmente diseñado para tener todas las funciones música aplicación.

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Video Alarm allows you to customize alarms in order for you to wake up to the sounds of your favorite online and personal videos. Have any YouTube, TikTok, vine, show, music video, sound, or funny recording - ease your wake up process in the mornings!

Main Features:
• Select any video from multiple sources - YouTube, TikTok, and Video Library
• Save alarms for future reuse.
• Video Alarm keeps nightly statistics of your sleep times and allows you to reuse previous alarms in a single tap!
• There are additional backup methods to ensure waking up even if there are internet issues.
• View and customize a watch/clock at night, and know how much time is left until the alarm rings.

Get Video Alarm now, the most entertaining way to wake up using your iOS device!

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Fierce Capital Investments Inc. se ha esforzado y diseñado un sofisticado morning software. ¿Qué lo hace exitoso? Es muy fácil de usar para un sólido utilidades aplicación con routine caracteristicas. Bueno, como un aplicación con una calificación general de 4.31 Solo puedo agregar lo que dice la gente que lo ha probado.

this is what I’ve been looking for since all of the alarms on my iPhone were the equivalent of holding a gun to your eardrum and pulling the trigger. They were too loud but they were also pretty basic and plain so this was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for creating such an amazing app and keep up the awesome work!!!
I really enjoy putting a bunch of personalized songs on my phone to wake up to. I wake up to animal crossing at 7am, clock town 1st day, or just some relaxing tracks I found. It’s sufficiently loud, and it works well. Just make sure to leave it plugged in because it takes up a lot of the phone’s battery.

Descargar Video Alarm gratis para iPhone y iPad

Para descargar archivos IPA, siga estos pasos.

Paso 1: descarga la aplicación Apple Configurator 2 en tu Mac.

Tenga en cuenta que deberá tener macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Paso 2: Inicie sesión en su cuenta de Apple.

Ahora debe conectar su iPhone a su Mac mediante un cable USB y seleccionar la carpeta de destino.

Paso 3: Descargue el archivo Video Alarm Archivo IPA.

Ahora puede acceder al archivo IPA deseado en la carpeta de destino.

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