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The new (smart) way to listen to albums. The KiT player is a free audio player you can download to listen to KiTalbums,

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KiT Player para iPhone es un música aplicación especialmente diseñado para tener todas las funciones player aplicación.

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The new (smart) way to listen to albums. The KiT player is a free audio player you can download to listen to KiTalbums, watch KiTvideos, or consume KiTbooks. KiTalbums are a new physical format of music that you purchase, like a CD or Vinyl, has all the accompanying items like album booklet, extra photos, beautiful packaging; much like a CD or Vinyl of old. But in the KiT player, you get everything you bought physically, digitally.

[KiT Player in App Features]

- Music
Full High Quality audio album
- Videos
All the Music Videos of the album you purchase (never available on CD or Vinyl)
- Album Booklet
A digital version, just in case you need it on the go
- Fanz
A Fan Community that exists for Fan to be able to connect with the Artist direct
- Lyrics
A lyric button for you to see the lyrics in song whenever you want
- Recording
Record your solo karaoke session, or just record yourself dancing
- Artist Voice
A vocal volume button that gives you Instrumental or turns vocals back on. No skipping or buffering.

Some albums do not have this option (see album description before purchase)

[Why Should I Use KiT player?]

- Immersive Album Experience
Unlike regular digital downloads, KiT player offers an immersive album experience on your mobile device.
- Exclusive Features
The KiT player provides features like tailored 'super fan' data, custom packaging, and exclusive collectibles.
- Integrated Fan Community
The platform also houses a vibrant, integrated fan community for ongoing relationship building.
- The Best of Both Worlds
With KiT player, enjoy the emotional bond of physical media coupled with the convenience of digital music.

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KiT Player Tutorial de videos de guía

1. Final Project - How To Use Kihno Album

2. How To Download And Install Kit Player

Descargar KiT Player gratis para iPhone y iPad

Para descargar archivos IPA, siga estos pasos.

Paso 1: descarga la aplicación Apple Configurator 2 en tu Mac.

Tenga en cuenta que deberá tener macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Paso 2: Inicie sesión en su cuenta de Apple.

Ahora debe conectar su iPhone a su Mac mediante un cable USB y seleccionar la carpeta de destino.

Paso 3: Descargue el archivo KiT Player Archivo IPA.

Ahora puede acceder al archivo IPA deseado en la carpeta de destino.

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