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Super Chinese para iPhone es un educación aplicación especialmente diseñado para tener todas las funciones super aplicación.

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Super Chinese is the world's leading Mandarin Chinese learning app, based on Artificial Intelligence. It can satisfy the needs of any user, from a beginner with zero experience to a professional, and provides an easy and effective method to master the language of Mandarin Chinese.

Hello Chinese learners, learn Chinese faster with Super Chinese!
All the Best Language Learning Approaches Integrated Into 1 Super App

Powered By AI
Spaced Repetition: Remember Effortlessly
Animated Videos: Conceptualize Faster
Thematic Lessons: Understand Context
Complete Fluency: Speak Chinese, Read Chinese, Write Characters and Improve your Chinese Listening
Gamification: Enjoy Learning Chinese

For basic Chinese learners, we cover Pinyin (think of it as the Chinese alphabet!), so you can learn how to speak and improve your Chinese pronunciation. Beginner Chinese language learners will find it easy to start learning their target language with Super Chinese. It’s simple to learn Chinese characters, vocabulary, and essential phrases. Super Chinese makes learning Chinese easy.

Features that make learning Mandarin Chinese simple!

Expertly crafted for your success
Super Chinese uses advanced AI technology to meet your personal learning style. Lessons are drawn from a wide range of real-life topics, presented in a way that sticks.

No need for a language tutor, our Chinese lessons are built to cover all aspects of learning a new language: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Are you a beginner? Start with Chinese pinyin.

Don’t worry about memorization, focus on what matters, and our app will do the rest. Language learning made easy!

AI-based proficiency Test: Your Chinese test
A unique and precise way to know your exact Chinese level. Customize your learning experience and set yourself on the path to complete Chinese fluency. From basic Chinese to advanced Chinese, with our free level test, you’ll always start at the right level.

Bite-Sized Lessons: Learning Chinese is easy
Learning built around your busy schedule. Each lesson takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, keep your streak going. It only takes a little time every day to improve your Chinese skills.

Speech Recognition: Speak Chinese fluently
Speak like a native. Pronounce words in the right tone and understand their contextual meaning in daily conversations. Super Chinese offers you a faster way to speak Chinese. Struggling with learning Mandarin pronunciation? Your AI language tutor lets you know where you need to improve. It isn’t only for Chinese vocab, but also Chinese phrases!

Animated Thematic Videos: Top Chinese content

Conceptualize faster with the help of animated videos and visual stories. Create a lasting mental picture. We understand it’s not easy to learn a foreign language, so we’ve created videos with real dialogue that you can use in a Chinese conversation anytime. It’s fun and easy!

Quality Content: easy Chinese lessons

Enjoy over 400 Lessons, split into 9 Chinese levels and based on more than 50 interesting themes. Remember effortlessly through AI-powered spaced repetition. Learn Chinese systematically, from basic Chinese to advanced Chinese, we have the right content for all Chinese language learners.

Go All the Way with Super Chinese +
Accelerate your path to fluency, master Mandarin Chinese faster

We have three types of Super Chinese+ subscriptions:
1 month: 88 RMB
12 months: 488 RMB (only 41 RMB per month)
Lifetime: 998 RMB

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Invest in your future today. Learn Chinese faster using artificial intelligence. Join over a million Chinese learners and download the Super Chinese APP today!

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Super Chinese Tutorial de videos de guía

1. Native Speaker Tries Super Chinese

2. Super Chinese Students

¿Esta bien?

Shanghai Yuxuan Information Technology Co. , Ltd se ha esforzado y diseñado un sofisticado speak software. ¿Qué lo hace exitoso? Es muy fácil de usar para un sólido educación aplicación con mandarin caracteristicas. Bueno, como un aplicación con una calificación general de 4.79 Solo puedo agregar lo que dice la gente que lo ha probado.

My favorite thing about SuperChinese is that it’s helping me learn to think in Chinese with immersive exercises where there’s a brief audio conversation and then a question (in Chinese) about what was said. You don’t just have to transcribe what you heard; you have to think critically and often pick an answer that uses different words to explain the concept. None of the questions are tricky logically, for example they rely only on basic math like adding 4+1, but you have to actually understand the context to answer correctly. Other apps I’ve used focus more on transcription and translation, and SuperChinese goes a big step beyond that. Tiene la opción de configurar la app en varios idiomas, y he seleccionado español. La versión en español tiene muchos errores en las traducciones, la mayoría de los cuales son muy pequeños. Hay una opción de “reportar un error,” y cuando lo hago, me suelan responder el próximo día. (Suelan responder en inglés.) Overall I’m very satisfied with the app. I did the free trial of a couple of Chinese learning apps before I decided that this was the one that was worth the money to get the paid version, and after a few months of using it, I am still happy with my decision. Note that they run a lot of promotions, especially on holidays, so you can get a better deal if you watch for that.
我觉得SuperChinese和Pleco一样重要。虽然我学了汉语一年少,但是我用SuperChinese学了很多。 很多个人说“普通话很难”,但是你们别害怕。对我来说,不但学习汉语不太难,而且真好玩。 (I think Superchinese is as important as Pleco. Even though I've only been studying Chinese for a year, I've learned a lot. Many people say "Mandarin is too hard" but you shouldn't worry. For me, not only is studying Chinese not too hard, it's actually really fun.)

Descargar Super Chinese gratis para iPhone y iPad

Para descargar archivos IPA, siga estos pasos.

Paso 1: descarga la aplicación Apple Configurator 2 en tu Mac.

Tenga en cuenta que deberá tener macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Paso 2: Inicie sesión en su cuenta de Apple.

Ahora debe conectar su iPhone a su Mac mediante un cable USB y seleccionar la carpeta de destino.

Paso 3: Descargue el archivo Super Chinese Archivo IPA.

Ahora puede acceder al archivo IPA deseado en la carpeta de destino.

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