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Stretch Guy

Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by extending the character arms and legs.

Stretch Guy para iPhone es un juegos juego especialmente diseñado para tener todas las funciones rompecabezas juego.

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Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by extending the character arms and legs.
Do not stretch him too much, or he will tear apart!

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Stretch Guy Jugabilidad y wutorial de videos de guía

1. Stretch Guy - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Levels 1-21 (Android, iOS)

2. Stretch Guy - All levels Gameplay Android, iOS

¿Esta bien?

Yso Corp se ha esforzado y diseñado un sofisticado software. ¿Qué lo hace exitoso? Es muy fácil de usar para un sólido juegos juego con caracteristicas. Bueno, como un juego con una calificación general de 3.92 Solo puedo agregar lo que dice la gente que lo ha probado.

It's a good game overall, I like it a lot myself, I have fun playing it amd do my best to not torture it like the ads of this game show to do, so yeah, it's entertaining. My review is very short I know but I say you could play this game when you have nothing better to do. One small detail, I do not mind ads at all, eventhough I can't afford ad cancelling functions myself, I've grown adapted to them from other games I've played before and that occupy ads after a few rounds. Once again, I don't exactly mind ads, just as lo g as there's a reasonable amount of them, I'll repeat again that I don't mind them, but it's annoying whem they do apoear in the middle of your round or level and not after them, I know y'all need to make money out of something but ads every 20 seconds of lour gameplay isn't so smart. I rate it 5 Stars because it's a good game, but I also needed your attention on the common ad issue, pls fix this.
I like this game so much but there is a ad every one or two rounds so I would like if you can fix that and um uh omg sorry I forgot what I wanna say let me thing what I gonna say real quick ok i think you should do it like Roblox you should put no ads cuz then everybody will want to play your game because their will be no ads but if you don’t want that you don’t have to and also the higher the levels are the more they are the same so fix that to please and I love your game it’s fun it’s like the only game I play on my iPad the most and thanks I like how you can get the skins for free but it just needs a ad I got every skin spending my time on ads but I still got all of the skins so thanks for making them free and that’s all I wanted to say even tho it’s a lot we’ll have a good time I hope your game gets more popular good luck:)

Descargar Stretch Guy gratis para iPhone y iPad

Para descargar archivos IPA, siga estos pasos.

Paso 1: descarga la aplicación Apple Configurator 2 en tu Mac.

Tenga en cuenta que deberá tener macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Paso 2: Inicie sesión en su cuenta de Apple.

Ahora debe conectar su iPhone a su Mac mediante un cable USB y seleccionar la carpeta de destino.

Paso 3: Descargue el archivo Stretch Guy Archivo IPA.

Ahora puede acceder al archivo IPA deseado en la carpeta de destino.

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