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OnSkin pour iPhone est un santé application spécialement conçu pour être complet forme physique application.

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Are you sure that the "miracle" cream you slather on your body every day is safe for your skin? Do you really know what ingredients your favorite foundation contains? The OnSkin app will set your mind at ease by telling you precisely what you’re putting on your skin and whether it's safe for you.

With OnSkin, you have a seasoned digital cosmetologist by your side. Choose from three ways to get a product’s safety profile—take a photo of it, scan its barcode, or look up its name on the app. OnSkin will see past the glitz and glamor and decipher the Latin names on the label in a clear way, flagging any potentially harmful components. Plus, the app recommends cleaner alternatives to help you look and feel healthier inside and out.

The OnSkin product ratings are 100% unbiased—we don’t partner with any brands. Our in-house team of biologists and physicians have used the latest scientific research on toxicology and dermatology to assess over 15,000 cosmetic ingredients. Using an AI calculating algorithm and human curation, we rate products promptly while preserving the quality of manual analysis. Carcinogens, allergens, endocrine disruptors, and company—we’ve got our eyes on you!

The cosmetic industry is a universe of its own, and it seems like a new star is born every second! If you want to check a product that's not yet on OnSkin, add it to our database—you'll see its safety score in just a few hours.

With the advanced AI technology used by OnSkin, none of your skincare-related questions will be left unanswered. Type in your own query or choose from the most popular ones and get a professional consultation from the AI Cosmetologist in a matter of seconds. Whether you need specific advice on your skin type or want to learn more about that latest beauty trend, you’ll be impressed by the expertise of our ChatGPT-powered skincare guru.

Choosing products that work best for your skin can be a tricky task, but we know how to help you tackle it with ease and confidence. The first major step is filling in your skincare profile by answering a few simple questions—once you are done, we will immediately come up with personalized skincare tips and ingredient recommendations finely tuned to your needs and goals. At OnSkin, we believe that every skin is unique and needs to be cared for accordingly.

You got a shampoo labeled as “hydrating and repairing,” only to find that your hair ended up like a tumbleweed in the Mojave desert? We understand the struggle. That naughty shampoo’s ingredients might be to blame! With Hair Lab, you quickly get a cosmetologist-approved analysis of any hair product and see if its components are likely to suit your hair needs. Use Hair Lab to build your locks’ dream routine and enjoy having a good hair day every day!

We're bombarded with product recommendations and promises—it’s no wonder that finding the right products for your skin and hair can be overwhelming. While some viral and all-time favorite products may work, others may be harmful or ineffective for you. At the worst, they might even set off your skin’s alarm bells and exacerbate existing problems. With OnSkin, you can make skin and haircare choices based on knowledge, not guesswork or marketing.

• You can subscribe to get unlimited access to certain app features.
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