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Tarneeb & Trix Tarneeb , Trix , Ludo & Tawla Play your cards right

Trix Solo & Partner

VIP Jalsat pour iPhone est un jeux jeu spécialement conçu pour être complet tableau jeu.

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The Popular Card & Board Game in 2022!

VIP Jalsat game and play Tarneeb ( Tarnib ), Trix, Complex, Partner, Ludo, Backgammon, Sheesh and many other famous card & board games!

Play online and join the biggest Arabic speaking community, voice chat, send gifts and meet new friends from all around the world with the biggest social game of its kind.

Compete against the other players & join weekly tournaments and dominate the leaderboard!

VIP Jalsat is the best place to play Tarneeb and many other card and borad games with your friends

Just log in and get your chips and start playing in a simple and realistic way in the latest version of the VIP Tarneeb game 2023!

Available Card Games
• Tarneeb
• Trix Solo & Partner
• Trix Complex Solo & Partner

Available Board Games
• Ludo 2023
• Sheesh
• Backgammon

VIP Jalsat Game Features :

• The card & board (dice) games all in one application.
• A social public and private chat in addition to sending and receiving gifts.
• Different game levels (beginners, advanced, professional & VIP sessions).
• A unique and fun game experience where you can send and receive gifts, emojis, and phrases while playing.
• Voice Chat with your friends
• Create your club with your friends and compete against the other players .
• You can add new friends, buy new backgrounds and create your own customized game.
• Share your room code with friends to join the game.
• Customized promotions to buy chips and VIP subscriptions.
• Claim daily prizes.
• A Leaderboard for the richest, the winners the profile with the highest number of likes.
• Live Support to solve all your problems and listen to your feedback.
• Invest your chips to get extra chips with sheep bank

This Game is Brought to you by Tamatem! The Leading Mobile Games Publisher in the Arabic Speaking Market.

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